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  1. The Research and Technology Park might be a good place to start looking for office space. It's part of UW's North Campus and has some pretty cool stuff going on. http://www.uwrtpark.uwaterloo.ca/about/about.html
  2. I got several letters like this once. Good times, good times.
  3. I guess it all depends on how you see the situation. I think that figure is astounding and it certainly shouldn't be downplayed. I am going to take part because it matters to me. Although the number isn't enormous, it can't be denied that six cars can chug out alot of junk over the course of a year.
  4. My darling Hal, the love of my life, has fallen upon some crappy times within his mundane job, so I am asking the good folks of this board to help me cheer him up! Whatever you can spare, be it kind words or perhaps a new job offer, please let Hal know you are thinking of him!
  5. Congrats Trick, this is awesome news!!
  6. I'm coming if I can find a sitter... Hey Hal, you're not doing anything that night are you?
  7. You look amazing for 52! Keep on rocking and showing the rest of us how it's done!!
  8. ...go to this link, download the full episode and start at Act 2, around 27 minutes in. You won't regret it! www.thislife.org/Radio_Episode.aspx?sched=1225
  9. Life brand now carries a series of earth friendly cleaners called Bio-Life (no-name version of the Method group of products). I picked up the bathroom one and it works awesome and smells heavenly!
  10. I need some of Tigger's birthday luck too!!
  11. Fista

    diesel dog

    Oh my, my, my! I haven't been to the Hammer in awhile, perhaps I shall have to make this one...
  12. Can't believe you made it to 39!! Way to go Cubby! Another year, another 365 chances to hit rock bottom. Love yer kid sister Stink xo
  13. Probably in the ditch I found you in!! Just kidding Babe, you know I loves ya. Thanks for tha B-day messages y'all, it feels great to finally be 19!!
  14. I am in Customer Service at the University of Waterloo, which means I help 'smart' people figure out very, very simple issues. I should be in a jungle somewhere studying the mating habits of rare primates, but hey, that's why I hang out with you people!
  15. Sarahbelle does indeed RAWK!!! One of the kindest and truest peeps I have ever had to pleasure to share silly times with. I am not so sure about the rest of you though, kind of a disappointment...
  16. There will definetly be costumes a rockin' that is 'fo sho'!!! I am so excited to see all you funky bitches tonight, y'all better bring it!
  17. Awwww! I would/will bring you too Sweetie!! (smooches)
  18. my heart is absolutely broken over this. So very, very sorry.
  19. Fista

    Garbage Pickin'

    I totally agree with you Tricky, senseless consumerism is a real threat to the planet. But some people feel the need to buy 'stuff', regardless of what it is, to have bigger, better and more. We definetly need to watch our consumption, on all levels, whether it be a Tim Horton's coffee or a brand-new (insert material good here). We just had an awesome clothes swap last night, everybody got some great new digs and the rest is going to charity. Everyone can do their part, whether it be composting in the back yard or buying less. I chose to clean up my 'hood because when those people who litter see you going around picking up after them, it might actually make them think for one minute about the planet, plus it teaches the boy a good lesson (both Hal and Zane)!!
  20. Fista

    Garbage Pickin'

    I think some people still truly feel the Earth is big enough that thier litter won't hurt, which is pretty self-absorbed. The best we can do is try to educate them and if that fails, follow them around with garbage bags!
  21. Fista

    Garbage Pickin'

    Hey y'all! I'm trying to get people to go out in thier communities tomorrow and heave trash! My neighbourhood looks pretty awful since the snow melted, that and the University students seem to love throwing their waste around. I notice it everywhere though, so there is certainly work to be done wherever you are. Enjoy 4-20 with your friends, your herbs and some good heady garbage! Nothing fancy, just some good garbage pickin' fun, helping out and doing what we can for the Earth. P.S.-For those of you on Facebook, join our group Earth Patrol, dig it!
  22. Fista

    RIP kurt v

    RIP to a truly amazing human being.
  23. Fista

    Panda Porn

    All of this makes me a saaaaaaad panda...
  24. That's awesome Alexis, so happy for you!
  25. Wow, I am amazed at how freaked out the hippies are by the interweb. C'mon Schwa, who the hell doesn't already know your SIN number?? I enjoy facebook and myspace when I've got the time, you don't have to put all of your info out there. It's just a neat tool for fraternizin' wit your peeps. If it freaks you out, don't do it. And go and buy some tinfoil cause I'm pretty sure whoever is involved can see in your windows too!
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