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  1. Yes indeedy, I will be in attendance at Packers-Vikes Saturday night. Section 123 Row 7. Need to shake off this jinx that has been following me around. I'll try to tweet my trip as best as I can.
  2. Melky to the Jays! I can't wait for baseball and I NEVER say that during football.
  3. I came in here this morning anticipating so much more from you Sorry to disappoint. 14-2 should be good enough for a home playoff game. Which I will go to. Again. Life is fucking awesome.
  4. Yeah they were pretty shitty yesterday. I would like to rescind my previous defense of them.
  5. Agreed on the Dolphins thing, goddammit 2 missed potentially game winning field goals less than 50, terrible choke. So my two starting RBs in my main fantasy league are Reggie Bush and CJ Spiller. Kick in the nuts there. Packers are going to destroy the Seahawks tonight so consider your weekend ruined Sloth. There I said it. Who would have thought the Raiders had a comeback in them! Against the Steelers too! Ruined my $5 for $64 Proline that had Steelers, Texans and Falcons.
  6. I am not willing to lump on the blame squarely on the replacements, I think they are doing a moderately good job with the calls to be honest, but it is the players and coaches who are acting out and taking advantage of the inexperienced refs. I had to roll my eyes last night when John Fox challenged the 12 men on the field call and was screaming and swearing and making a HUGE deal about it, calling the refs down to the lowest. Replay showed....there were 12 men on the field. Don't get me wrong, they are missing some calls and making some bad ones... but there are a few of those every game with the normal refs anyway! Last night was the most disruptive though, the first half was BRUTAL.
  7. Joking aside, RGIII was indeed absolutely amazing and I think he is going to be a lot of fun to watch for a lot of years. He is the first quarterback born in the 90's to start an NFL game. Now back to the joking; I can't believe you typed out "Robert Griffin". I think I'll go with the supremely annoying Peter King's supremely annoying nickname for him: BobGriff.
  8. Also, I see you have connived a friend of mine into being a greasy Redskins disciple of yours. For Gods sake Dinghy, pull out! While you still can!!!
  9. How you feeling about things now my friend?
  10. Get your mind out of the crackhouse, hippy.
  11. It was a fan-fucking-tastic day to be a football fan. Amazing day of games, although yes Sloth, you smarmy cunt, sadly my Packers lost. However, this was moderately offset by the fact that we unveiled the new setup at the cottage. Click here for a few pics. 51" Plasma on the left, with volume for the featured games (Bears then Packers), 55" LED on the right with the NFL Red Zone channel WHICH IS FUCKING AWESOME. It used to be me, scrambling trying to keep track of all the scores, flipping on commercials to different games....no more. It does it all. I was squealing like a little girl for the first hour of games.
  12. God Bless the NFL, and keep our players and favourite teams and meat animals safe. For this we pray, amen.
  13. Put me down as a +1 for excited as well. Glass is half full! I am also hoping for some good Dain time, some back story from the Iron Hills, instead of him just showing up to the battle.
  14. Ahhhhhh Lunchboxhero I'll miss you. Thames, not so much.
  15. Romero is out after 4 outs and it's 8-0 A's in the 2nd. Wheeeeeeeeeeee the roller coaster continues.
  16. Could we maybe please get a little win streak going here? I know we probably shouldn't with the injuries but GODDAMN what a roller coaster this season has been!
  17. My first thought was "I should post the lyrics to Miss You in the old thread"... ...until I reread the thread and realized I already did that 5 years ago.
  18. By the way, not to make too much of Vlad, because he may not make the team at all, but here is a link to a great article on him that Dan LeBatard wrote in 2002: http://espn.go.com/magazine/vol5no14guerrero.html
  19. Sigh, true enough. Romero had one bad inning today and that was enough. What a frustrating sport to follow. However, I am still very optimistic. Our offense is going to get rolling sooner or later. I expect McGowan to challenge for Hutchison's spot and Vlad to challenge for Lind's. Should be interesting.
  20. "able to". Thank fucking God I didn't stay up to watch that horror show. I hate baseball.
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