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  1. Just heard about this. Horribly sad news, Brad is legendary, he truly is. Rest In Peace brother. You have left behind a legacy of your love for music for us all to enjoy.
  2. A nice review of the Blurry Pockets set
  3. I've got my tickets. Going to be a good'un. Even though the unofficial official one was last week
  4. I have it on good authority that he likes these:
  5. Apple kind of took over for people that use their products. Sometimes it does some weird things though. I've had the Apple cloud service for a while, where it uploaded the stuff I had, that they didn't have, mainly live music I have collected. Now, sometimes when I'm listening to Apple Music it will play something from the stuff I uploaded instead of the actual studio versions. I liked Rdio, I still use it occasionally but let my subscription go after Apple Music came out.
  6. I was a fan of Sloan so I'm not really surprised, it's just been a while since I've heard anything they've done. I'm just surprised they would get 50,000. Good on them if they do.
  7. They're playing Sloan $50,000? Fuck, not a bad payday for an also ran 90's hit maker.
  8. Just throwing this one out there for anybody around Owen Sound this weekend. The Queen's Bush Bluegrass Club's annual campout located at then Kilsyth Country Campground. Some of our very own jambands.ca members will be playing with the Blurry Pickers! The line-up will be; Todd Gillies (guitar) Johann Lotter (fiddle) Jeff Rothwell (mandolin) Jeff English (guitar) Blair Babcock (bass) Sara Edge (vocals) Christy Muddle (vocals) (I'm kinda hoping for c-towns on the washboard to join in on this too) http://www.queensbush.ca/Files/QBBC_2015_Campout_w_map.pdf Hope to see some kind folks there
  9. The Stealie's teeth are pretty straight on though, so not sure if I'm down with the theory.
  10. Everybody must watch out for Ctowns intricate hand movements
  11. Red eye home, while not the perfect Canada Day, is leading up to the perfect weekend my friend
  12. I think the biggest thing is everybody just has to fucking relax. They got their first two shows out of the way. The pressure must have been enormous. They've likely had a chance to reflect and realize that they can do it now. as long as they have fun, so will everybody else.
  13. Start off the thread for the weekend with an Article. 5 things the Dead must change this weekend. Without trying to sound negative I think this writer has hit the nail on the head. A lot of this has already been discussed in the Santa Clara thread http://www.ishitmusic.com/?p=1449
  14. Imagine that convo: "Hi think you could write 5 hours of songs for me?" "Sure, I can do that for you" Sick. I think I've been trying to write one song for about ten years now. Lol
  15. I totally agree with you there. I really can't say enough about how impressed I am with the job that Trey is doing. he came prepared. The tone of his guitars is simply awe inspiring and it's really neat to hear him play them in this context. His solos have been fresh and original. i can see that Phil is really enjoying them too. By next weekend some of the little kinks will be worked out and I think they will have a killer weekend in Chicago. I think that Hornsby has been really solid too and really enjoyed his vocals. Maybe it's just the feeds that I had but I'd like to hear more Chementi in the mix. I'm looking forward to hearing the Chicago shows through the PA at my party as opposed to the ear buds.
  16. Billy and Phil on cruises through shakedown, so cool. Billy handing out papers and just being a really cool guy I love it "You're the Man Billy" "we all are, except the women" https://www.facebook.com/boiler.rat/posts/10155735461335006 https://www.facebook.com/108844062482118/videos/992170804149435/
  17. Well, I get that, just saying. Somebody that never heard them before, if their first experience was listening to that He's Gone would be like WTF
  18. There were some rough parts last night, that's for sure. overall, as a fan, enjoyable. They wouldn't have won too many new fans though.
  19. All the streams seem to have been lost. Phishfiend on mixlr still has the audio. Phil Lesh's vocals brought down ustream. Lol
  20. That should put an end to the Trey naysayers. I love that Trey played like Trey and didn't even attempt to sound like Jerry. Good on him.
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