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  1. This might have seemed almost possible, until the quotes.. have a laugh.. so silly.

    Speculation continues to escalate around Vermont Jam-band Phish as to

    whether or not they will ever again claim he title of rock's road warriors

    together again or not. In the latest news, sources close to the band say

    that a long running dispute over something as simple as one song may be to

    blame for the current 'hiatus'. The source, which spoke on a condition of

    amenity, indicated that the song at the center of the dispute is an obscure

    song called "Destiny Unbound".

    The song occupies an obscure but unique spot in the Burlington-based band's

    repertoire. Penned by bass player Mike Gordon in the early 1990's, it was

    played in concert a handful of times and then it seemed to be forgotten

    about by the band. It has yet to appear on any official release by the

    band. The lore of the song, however, goes far beyond that of a 'forgotten

    song'. It is not just a song that the band didn't like and decided to stop

    playing for one reason or another. One rumor that circulates among fans of

    the band is that the band retired Destiny because it sounds too much like a

    Grateful Dead song (Phish has long fought to separate themselves from the

    legacy left to them n the wake of Jerry Garcia death).

    Apparently, the real reason behind the song's "retirement" is because Trey

    Anastasio (the bands guitar player and de facto leader) cannot stand the

    song and has even gone so far as to threaten to quit the group over playing

    it. Anastasio routinely lambastes the song as the worst song that Gordon

    has ever written and if there was one song he wishes he could have taken

    back in all their years, it is Destiny Unbound. Privately, Anastasio is

    quoted as saying that he cannot believe that he lead the segue from Landlady

    (an Anastasio-penned ditty) into it (Destiny). He believes Landlady to be

    far superior musically and felt that when the band performed the songs

    back-to-back, it severely limited the potential "The Landlady" could have

    had, forcing Anastasio and the band to return Landlady to where it started,

    as part of another Phish number, "Punch You In The Eye." It was then that

    Anastasio began his strong stance AGAINST recording or playing the song live

    at anytime. "If I have to put Landlay back into Punch, I will never play

    that worthless excuse for a Dead song EVER", Anastasio is known to say.

    Recent fighting over the song occurred while the band rehearsed its last

    tour. Again Gordon brought up the subject of the song. One that he is very

    proud of and very much has wanted to play on a number of occasions in the

    past. Anastasio became enraged at the idea and stormed out of the

    practice. Screaming something uniteligible, something to the effect of:

    "I'm gonna send all of the Multibeasts in Wilson's Kingdom to eat you where

    you sleep!" Later, when he had calmed down, the band met and decided that a

    break is maybe what was necessary. One last tour and then a long, maybe

    permanent, break.

    That not the first time that Anastasio and Gordon have disagreed with the

    song and it's place in the bands song list. On at least three other

    occasions in the past Gordon and Anastasio have clashed over the song while

    rehearing. One of these heated exchanges occurred backstage at the bands

    then-annual summer ending festival/concert in Limestone, Maine at the end of

    the summer of 1998. The band had started a new concert tradition that

    summer of playing odd cover songs in concert, opening or closing nearly

    every night with some strange cover they learned hastily before the show.

    Artist such as Jane's Addiction and Van Halen were immortalized. Something

    else Phish began to do was bring many of their older songs back into limited

    rotation. One song that had yet to return however was "Destiny Unbound".

    While back stage at the concert, dubbed, "The Lemonwheel", as the band

    rehearsed another obscure member of the Phish playbook, "Sanity", Gordon

    again expressed interest in possible reviving "Destiny". Again he was met

    by hostility by Anastasio. Anastasio, reportedly threaten to beat Gordon

    "with Fish's electro-lux" (a vacuum that Jon Fishman, the bands drummer,

    occasional attempts to play like a trumpet, to mixed results at best).

    On another occasion, in the fall of 1997, as the band commenced on a

    two-night run at Hampton Coliseum (concerts that would later be released by

    Elektra as a box set), Anastasio and Gordon nearly came to blows over the

    subject of the song again. As the band traveled overnight on their tour

    bus, Gordon pointed out that Hampton coliseum was the venue that the Dead

    often choose to bring back classic, if forgotten about songs. In 1989, the

    Grateful Dead played a show at the same arena, billed under their original

    name of The Warlocks. At that show they choose to revive a longtime concert

    favorite, "Dark Star", a staple that had not been played in over 5 years by

    the band. Later in that same show, they choose to break out an even more

    obscure song that had not been played in over twenty years, a song called

    "Attics Of My Life." Gordon suggests to the band that they play Destiny

    Unbound in a sort of quiet nod to the Dead and their fallen leader. (Phish

    has slowly grown to embrace their legacy and it's attachment to the Dead).

    Anastasio reacted as he had in the past. He ordered the bus driver to pull

    over, and got off of the bus. The last thing he was heard as saying was

    that there was no way that he would play that "horrible death march cannibal

    music, if you want to play it, do it without me!" Eventually Anastasio

    cooled off in time from the show and made it to the Coliseum in time for the

    band's soundcheck, but the damage was done, and the events that transpired

    on that bus in rural Virginia very well might have been the seed that grew

    the weeds that are threatened to choke the life out of a band that drew the

    largest crowd to a concert on the Millennia's Eve.

    The Final straw came in late February when Gordon sat in for a set with his

    band mate Anastasio's side project. After the show, Gordon joked that it

    would have been the perfect time to "fuck with the fans and bring back

    "Destiny." Anastasio reportedly grunted and walked out of the room and is

    still refusing to return calls to Gordon about a possible return to the road

    this summer. Anastasio has since planned his own tour of the country, using

    the member of his side project.

    It is not clear that this is in fact the reason behind the possible breakup,

    but what is know is that Gordon has decided that he play on, with or without

    Anastasio. Gordon chose the concert of a friend to reintroduce "Destiny"

    live. At a recent concert by Col. Bruce Hampton (no relation to the arena)

    and movie screening of Gordon's first independent movie, the bass player

    joined the Hampton and his band in a rousing rendition of the song, much to

    the delight of the fans in attendace who have long hoped the song would

    return. Undeterred by Anastasio, Gordon was quoted backstage as saying "I

    don't care what he (Anastasio) and (John) Paluska say, I think it is a great

    fucking song and I am going to play it!"

    None of the band member or their management was available for official

    comment, but band manager John Paluska was heard screaming from his office

    at Dionysian Production, "I don't give a shit if Gordon has to spend his

    summer lighting Trey's crack pipe and mowing his lawn, he better fucking

    apologize and make amends for this Destiny shit"

    While Phish Phans wait for official word from the band on this hiatus, the

    speculation and rumors will continue. If this disagreement is any

    indication, it could be a long time before anyone sees the original four

    members on stage together again.

  2. Anybody know a good place to find lobsters? Preferrably free.. I was wading in the water near the EB Eddie plant, and I found some mollusks, but they were hollow with green eyes.. too beautiful to eat. any suggestions?

  3. Is there any Huey Lewis on there? I'm looking for a rare jam from a 1989 Civic Centre appearance..I want a new drug>jam->hip to be square->jam->stuck with you->jam->techno jam->huey get naked->jam->new drug outro!! That's what i call SICK!

  4. .. QUIT playin' games with my heart.

    or. something for Diiiirty dancing.

    .. Iiii HAAAAD the Tiiaaame of mahh liiife..

    Oh NO, I 've neeeeevah felt dis waaay befoe!

    Yes Iiii swear... Itsss the troooose..

    and I owe it all to youse!!

    Or, in a perfect world...

    She's like the wiiiind. next to meeeee..

    I feel her breath in my face...

    (do do do)

    Somebodys close on me??....

    (do do do)

    I can't look in her eyes..

    (da da da)

    Shes outta Maaaah LEAAGUE!!

    -Pat swayze at his best

  5. I think don't nero should worry about playing any more covers. .. But if you guys are really looking for something special to cover, i'd like to hear that cute little bass player rip into the baywatch theme.. He looks like a little like a young red-faced David Hasselhoff himself, and I wouldnt have a problem watching him run down a beach.... CODY!!...

    IN FACT!! I often lie, drenched in the bathtub, and fantasize he will break though the door, chest hair dancing in the breeze, and drag me out of my tub, and my trunks, and fasten his tight lips on mine. Pushing the air of life deeeep into my lungs. with his other manly hand pumping my torso.. i iahh,ooh gaad. i .. eeeer.. yeah.

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