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  1. The Kingston Derby Girls and the Skeleton Park Music Festival proudly present the KDG’s 2011 season kick off event… a double header bout this Friday, June 17, 2011. With KDG’s Sinderollas playing an opening mini-bout, the main event will feature KDG’s The Disloyalists facing off against Peterborough Roller Derby! In conjunction with the Skeleton Park Music Festival, this event will include live entertainment by Slick Whippet, Sheezer, Rueben deGroot and The Gertrudes. The bout starts at 6:30 p.m. on the 17th, but doors are at 5:30 and the entertainment starts at 6 p.m. — get to the Kingston Memorial Centre early for good times and good seats! (Pro tip: bring a lawn chair or a yoga mat to sit on if you want to sit right up by all the action.) Tickets: $15 in advance and $18 at the door. Kids 10 and under get in free (limit: two per adult). Tickets are available online at www.brownpapertickets.com and in Kingston at Get Funky Boutique, The Mansion, UPS, and Novel Idea. There’ll even be a post-bout after-party thrown by The Mansion at the Kingston Memorial Centre after the bout and bands, so plan for an amazing night of rock & derby. www.kingstonderbygirls.ca
  2. Any chance anyone has extra tickets for Saturday night's upstairs show at The Mansion? Four of my fellow derby girls left it 'til the last minute and now they can't get them.
  3. It was the best night of my life...honestly! (I can say that on here because my husband doesn't read this) I sit on the BoD and I was so worried we wouldn't sell the 500 tickets needed to break even. Our dressing room was right beside the entrance so I spent a lot of the time before the bout just watching the lineup that was through the parking lot and out to the street....I was in awe. I might also add that we throw one hell of an awesome after-party! The Mansion (who sponsors us and sold beer at the event) said it was by far, their most profitable night ever. We don't have anything planned yet for another bout. Rumour is maybe in the spring. We don't have a place to practice from Dec-Feb and right now we are just working on passing the skills test at the end of November. There is a group of about 45 of us renting a bus and heading up to see the ToRD championship game on November 13. That should be fun!
  4. Check out the crowd...2000+ people! Kingston Derby Girls - Back to Cruel from Scott Adamson on Vimeo.
  5. Did I mention Neil Young's sister plays roller derby for the Kingston Derby Girls? She's Maggie Mangler...check out our roster pics at http://kingstonderbygirls.ca/?page_id=14
  6. Here it is! Kingston's Roller Derby League...It'll be entertaining for sure! Friday, September 10, Doors at 6pm, Bout at 7pm. Featuring trackside beer garden and a half-time performance by PELT. Tickets available at Novel Idea, Get Funky Boutique and The Mansion. $15 advance and $18 at the door. Kids 10 and under are free.
  7. Yours Truly, I can't stop watching your avatar. Wickedawesome!
  8. That's awesome! I can't wait until we can actually play other teams. I haven't even been out to a real bout yet, but I bet it would be so much fun to watch, not to mention play! Congrats!
  9. Booche here. The point was to hopefully sign him but obviously the Habs are way too close to the cap to be able to afford the extra 500 grand Ellis got in TB. In directly related opinion......Alex Auld? Really PG? REALLY? Go.Fuck.Yourself.
  10. So, I went with Little Orphan-Maker Annie (pending approval by www.twoevils.org). Thanks gentlemonkey. My backup is Amy Roundhouse. For those that are interested, there is a fund raiser here in Kingston on Saturday, July 10th at The Mansion. They have some bands lined up that I have never heard of, but they're donating their time: Spread the Secret On a Whim Mississippi Grover Dr Jones I won't be there as I will be spending the night with my favourite nephew in Ottawa while his parents go to see The Flaming Lips. Baby Booche and I will be having our own party that night and I can't wait! The fundraiser is to support our first bout in September. Since we haven't met all the minimum skill requirements yet, we can only play against each other, but it promises to be entertaining! Save the date: Friday, September 10.
  11. I was asleep at my desk. Damn thing woke me up. But pretty cool...first one I have ever felt.
  12. A lot of girls from the new Kingston league are going to check this out but there is talk of it selling out. I'd definitely go if we weren't camping this weekend.
  13. QrkgV5bl7kQ I don't know how to make it the picture. bouche edit: like that!
  14. Bouche would not send something with such poor grammar and spelling. Surprisingly it doesn't say you're account.
  15. First of all, stop looking at my boobs or I'm telling Mom. Secondly, Anne Grenda is already taken
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