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  1. yah. not even addressed. was disappointing but jamey haddad made up for it.
  2. the show was fantastic. I had a wonderful afternoon and evening. Hit the ROM up for a few hours in the afternoon. Went to the Museum Tavern for dinner. Ended up sitting at the bar with the tabla player Salar Nader. We had burgers and fries lol. Very cool guy. He plays full time with Stanley Clarke's band, and was off the next day to Ireland to start a 80 show tour. Had great tickets, which provided nice sight lines. Cyro's band was quite good, but for whatever reason, John Zorn didn't show up. They didn't even mention his absense. Kevin Breit essentially stole the show, which he generally does. He's so damn good. I was expecting much more improvisation, but I guess that wasn't in the plans. Still fun and had a nice latin jazz style sound. Jamey Haddad's band was amazing. First time for me seeing Billy Drewes and man can that guy play the brass! Much more loose than Cyro's band, definitely a step up in professionalism. Having Jamey Hadded on drums, with Luisito Quintero on Percussion, and Salar Nader on Tabla made for some truly amazing exchanges. I went down to front row for 2nd set allowing me a closer look at the interplay, which I really enjoyed. Caught up with an old buddy Forbes and stuck around after the show to have a beer with Cyro. Such a down to earth guy. While it was cliche I suppose, the best jam was when Cyro and his band came out to play the final song with Jamey's band. Wish John Zorn would have played. I think it would have brought some more improvisational free jazz, but still Cyro's band was great. Jamey Haddad was beyond expectations. I would say I enjoyed the evening as much as the Metheny show a couple weeks back, maybe even more (just because of the smaller atmosphere and meeting Salar was really cool! Cyro too!)
  3. 2ndtube

    Dead Phish 2.0

    Great! See you there.
  4. 2ndtube

    Dead Phish 2.0

    FCP, what time is the actual music supposed to start? I didn't realize the ballgame was a 7:30 start. Likely won't end until 10pm. I'm guessing music will start before that? Music to go to 2am?
  5. 2ndtube

    Dead Phish 2.0

    looks like the wife and I will be hitting this up after the Ti-Cats Agros game at BMO that evening. good timing!!
  6. will be at the fatties for sure! Looks like it'll be Cyro Friday Evening, Ti-Cats Saturday afternoon, Fatties Saturday Night. Feel like a kid again
  7. Hey everyone. Hope you all had a great summer! Still kickin' it here in the Hammer. Bruno Mars was amazing last Sunday. I had a quick peek on the first couple pages here, but didn't see anything posted about the Cyro Baptista / Kevin Breit / John Zorn coming up in Toronto. Not sure how advertised it is, so figured I'd post it here. Tickets are $35 - $85. Still available. Show details: https://www.rcmusic.com/sites/default/files/Jamey Haddad.pdf Can buy tickets here: https://www.rcmusic.com/tickets/seats/78602?spektrix_bounce=true Lineup is ridiculous. Friday night fun in Toronto. Cheers, Steve edit: (let me know if anyone is hitting up the Pat Metheny show next week and wants to grab a beer)
  8. 2ndtube

    Toronto Jazzfest 2018

    Picked up a ticket to Bela Fleck at the Danforth. Been a while since I saw those boys!
  9. 2ndtube

    Dead & Co summer tour just announced

    Theresa and I picked up a pair for Darien. In the seats somewhere.
  10. I spent an hour in immigration, but overall, it went smoothly...I will be better prepared in the future..my waiver is for 5 years and was granted September 2016 (although I didn't actually go to the states until November 2017). I was sitting front row balcony, right side if looking from the stage. How amazing was that third set? Some of the best jazz I've seen since Chick Corea's Elektric Band at Massey Hall in 2004. Loved the venue as well. great sound!!
  11. c-towns. I too went to that Buffalo show. First time in the USA since I was denied in 2002. A great return!!! LIkely the best jazz concert I've seen in a decade.....I didn't want it to end!
  12. 2ndtube

    17 years gone brah... Phish 7.6.00

    It was. BnB after party in '99. Soulive in '00. 7-6-00 was the day I spent a lifetimes worth of karma getting me out of one bad event. The show, however, was great. Reba to open!
  13. 2ndtube

    RHCP - Hamilton

    I didn't see any tickets for sale outside of Copps. Lots of folks looking for tickets however. Last two shows I've seen there have been packed (Green Day was the other).
  14. 2ndtube

    RHCP - Hamilton

    Caught my first RHCP show last night here in the Hammer. Wow. What an amazing show! Great energy. Their sound and playing is top notch. Not sure if anyone is catching tonights show in Ottawa, but if you are, bring your dancin' shoes They didn't play a long show per say, less than 2 hours start to end, but it was packed with energy!!
  15. 2ndtube

    Extra Phish Dayton and Pittsburgh Tickets FS

    Marcust99, my cell is 416-903-5272 Let me know if you want to sell those tickets. I want to get a hotel booked. Thanks, Steve