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  1. common sense wins out. fatties + jimmy swift band thur + nero fri = still less than J5. when you gonna hit the venue, ya figger?
  2. hey trev, fatties tonight? how you travelling? dave
  3. oh well, guess we'll try to get rid of it down there. thanks fer nuthin'.
  4. just talked to paul, he spent his $ on booze last night. so, anyone else need??
  5. Failing that, anyone here have Paul Sutherland's (polywog frog) phone #? i think i remember, in my haze at antibalas, him saying he wanted one. any help super-appreciated.
  6. if so, we have one extra. front row balcony, i believe. anyone? ANYONE???
  7. dont forget the stash of 10.70 tix. those'll go really, really fast, i would guess. monday, 10am.
  8. nice to see ya at Twang last night. thanks again. we'll discuss Bela on Friday, hmmm?
  9. from www.jambase.com Tala - Sat, May 3, Bacchus Lounge, London The Slip - Th,may 22, elixir, kingston thas all i got, tho.
  10. hey shain- sorry to hear life aint so fab right now. head in the books, and concentrate, and you'll be ok. you're a smart fellow. you sent me a phone message a couple weeks ago, which cut off mid word, asking how the discs sounded. i cant find yer # around, but suffice it to say that it all sounds grrrrreat. stay strong, rock those exams, and we'll get together when yer done. dave os
  11. woo-hoo!! tonight works much better than tomorrow.
  12. confirmation of tue? cuz flyer in my pocket, from steve from FoH, says monday, mar 24th.
  13. friends of hefner tonight at silver dollar. any more info on this? not on jambase.com for ontario, and i cant find a page for the band. not on silver dollar's page either. anyone?
  14. harpua > "aoxomoxoa" > harpua fluffhead landlady (stand-alone) frankie says > hydrogen > owner of the world gumbo > stash > gumbo
  15. telluride, '88. that run has to be in the archives.
  16. "dave slippery Nicer than nice. A real champ! I was really proud of all the hard work that went towards changing those "naughty" habits of last year. Treated friends nicely and was exceptionally honest (which happens to be one of my favorite traits!) It's amazing what a good old fashioned "I'm sorry!" can do for a rating. Keep up the good work! " wow!! fooled santa. hey fat man, does that mean you got my NYE ticket in yer sleigh? cmon, pay up.
  17. i got mine on tuesday. one, each night. i never heard anything about having to go to will call, though, maybe they're just out to get you.
  18. hi newbie!! jes kidding, i only joined yesterday. still, welcome.
  19. wow!! aaron and mark, nice to see ya both (see?) oh well, at least nice to hear from y'all. shain, drank the liquid, now can you help me find my feet? 5 days till detroit!! hoo-rah
  20. hey bro, took yer advice and joined the site today, as you can probably tell by my having posted this here. i found you, trev.hippie, and sh-bong so far, guess time'll tell if i know anyone else here. btw, check yer email, gotta ? about yer digi-list. 6 days to detroit, dave
  21. steven lippery actually, im dave osborne toronto (but i do kinda wish my last name was Lippery)
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