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  1. yes, its possible... i have pre-detemined that this event is gonna be what you make it... i am personally challenged to get in and out of toronto that day... still havent figure out how, but if anyone has a helicopter they want to lend, let me know. can you bring pies for ralph klein? i'd like to hit him in the face with a mad-shepherds-pie...
  2. questcequecest?


    word. Why do so many people knock Antibalas for being repetitive, and then list the New Deal as a highlite? boooo.... but diesel dog, they rock. see ya there!!!
  3. Antibalas are one of my favorite live acts. I love going to see these guys. Every time I see them, they play new material, re-worked material, and cover funky Fela tracks. I personally have never seen them play two identical shows... sure, the beats and basslines are consistent throughout each track, but thats what dance music is based on... the new deal are the kings of repetition, and the kids dig it. i say, repeat on.
  4. questcequecest?


    That was fun. Let's do it again.
  5. tonyrage, apparently you missed everything... blender drinks, Metalwood, 50, and Pink's Summer Sausage Fest. Maybe it will happen again, but probably not.
  6. WOW, two pages of ongoing nothing about Phils. At least I can say I was there, mk.
  7. OK... bring it on. I dont have a blender though.
  8. Bob Marley, and Curtis Mayfield. ...just because
  9. questcequecest?


    I just want to say that MISS PINK rocks.
  10. anyone going to either show? anyone know who mr. scruff is? come find out at the roxy blu tonite in sars central. funny glasses/lobster harmonica guy is going.
  11. mmm... metalwood. they're pretty good, saw 'em open for mm&w last week in montreal. i think mk has the right idea of partying before and after the show... perhaps i could host. i like parties.
  12. yes phils was a success, mk made it almost to the last drop... schwa, im not going out west, thats nikkis gig... i jumped ship.
  13. PHILS is at the corner of King St. and University Ave. in Waterloo, across from the Laurier Athletic Complex. No cover B4 11, 3-5 bucks after... drinks are 1.75 all night, every night.
  14. ultimately, PHILS. tonite...
  15. IM COMING FOR BEERS get ready for me.
  16. I LOVE ANTIBALAS!!! see them as often as you can... and dont forget to check out other NinjaTune bands like the Cinematic Orchestra, the Herbaliser, Up, Bustle & Out, and 9 Lazy 9... coming to a show near you (if you're lucky). We're lucky in canada because ninjatune artists have a large fan base here, especially in montreal and toronto... the artists love to visit and play gigs because the response is so great. Check out the inspiration for antibalas too... Fela Kuti is the father of afrobeat music.
  17. I always have fun, but these moments made my weekend even better: Squirting Pickle Scented water on unsuspecting saloon folks... hahahaa Squirting Pickle Scented water on Hunsberger, and taking a beer in the nuts for it... from about 20 feet. ouch. Squirting Pickle cented water on Rick... hahahahaa Mullet wigs, Elvis wigs, Funny Eye glasses, lobster claw harmonicas... Everything else, and chugging a mickey of Jagermeister on monday afternoon, cuz Ian didnt want to take it home. The Weekend of the Sax Player Jonas and Ricky Martin kicked ass... jamming with almost everyone. and the hair band... never seen that much un-dreaded long hair at frontier town.
  18. maybe Nero should be playing seamless sets with the New Deal... or maybe not. I think it would add a great deal of variety to both of their shows. hippieravers, who'd have thought it?
  19. lots of prine and paul simon. i think that was a quote from above... im still working out the bugs. my mom always had a great record collection, but wasnt very passionate about it... they just sit and collect dust. my dad is a pure oldies guy. they do promote a love of music in me though, they bought me a guitar as a graduation present. woohoo!
  20. Im gonna be there too... early by the sound of it. So, are people really gonna show up?
  21. Hey y'all. Just tryin' to ease my way into this crazy place... some of you may know me as Craig, some as weebs, some as qu'est-ce que c'est?... it doesnt matter, im here now. Also, I have an extra ticket to the Creekside Jamboree in PA, June 6, 7. I'll sell it for a good price, or consider interesting trades. C'mon, Antibalas is one of my favourite shows. Im going down early to camp in the poconos, so get the ticket before I leave on monday...
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