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Oh man.. Booche shit himself large tonight!!!


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Rat Dog 7.17.01 Pine Knob

Victim or the crime


Black Throated Wind

Jack Straw

Dark Star 1st verse >


Dear Prudence>

Dark Star 2nd verse >


Eyes of the world >

Bass Jam >

Hes Gone>

Sick Wasserman solo>


How nice is that and then

Phil and friends set 1

Jam >

Cold rain and Snow

China cat >

I know you rider

tastes like Wine >

Jam >


w Bobby on China>Rider

thats all ive heard so far from Philzone WOW!

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I could never begin to tell yous guys how good these shows were. Ratdog is FANTASTIC now, and that aint no joke....

I met Kang in Deer Creek

I am going to try and write a review tomorrow but believe me, it wont do any justice to what we witnessed.....Those were 3 of the best shows I have ever seen....

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