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new deal reviews??


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Surprised there are no responses here.

The Show was great.. Packed house.. (400+)

There was Dj spinning after chameleonic, and the new deal jammed out of whatever he was playing.. to the pleasant surprise of many people..

They hit up a lot of the familiar riffs and accents that define them. but took it to some really fast places. All in all, moreso than anything they are now doing ambient/house style music. I miss the breaks and jazzier stuff they were doing a couple of years ago, but they are so tight it's just as good to watch dance too.

I think thats the thing with NewDeal, you gotta be moving to them.. just watching them wouldn't be as fun. The drummer is such a machine eh? and the bass player totally has the right feel for every part.

They played two sets. The house was rocking well into the night. Nice to see a huge band on the Babylon stage.

fun night.

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GM is pretty accurate. I think you have to interact with the scene that's created by them. I spent the second set on the dance floor and really got into that. Along with the dancing, observing the bandmates was also an interesting thing to do up front. The keyboardist had the "I'm channeling spirits" face on, and the bass player had more pedals than Lauzon and Anastasio combined.

There was a lot of sweat being spread around the babylon on friday.

What were some of the groovified tunes again?

I remember 2 pink floyd tunes but can't recall the names, and funkytown.

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Wasn't there a "Great Gig In The Sky" tease, too?

I had a ball. I hung back during the first set, but got up close and personal (right in front of the drummer) for the second set. Wow! The drummer is *amazing*. It was like a drum machine (in terms of the number and precision of beats) come to life (in terms of interactivity and humanity). It was also cool to see the band members interacting: the keyboard player would make faces and/or mouth things at the other members (the drummer in particular), who would respond, and off they'd go somewhere (else). It reminded me of a baseball pitcher and catcher signalling each other: suggestions are made, possibly rejected, and finally an agreement is arrived at.

It was the kind of "dance music" that I like: funky, never boring, trance-inducing, and *fun*.



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