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Wayne Gretzky - Press Conference


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"That's a crock of crap" - Gretz

Anyone else see that press conference?

Wow, I have NEVER seen Wayne so emotionally (talking about something when he wasnt a player), he almost cried again.

"American propaganda" and he VEHEMETLY stated he wasnt talking about their hockey team, he is REALLY pissed at the coverage that Team Canada is getting.

I hope everyone on this board saw that. Learning experience for anyone that believes everything they read......

Sally: Its not right that someone that is so good should be made to feel so bad.

On a side note, he was pissed that 'buddy' from the Czeck's isnt suspended from the tourney for the cross check on Fleury at the end of the game but he did say that he wouldnt want to be the Islanders (i think) when they played the Rangers once the NHL resumes......essentially, payback is coming.

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Speaking of which, did they ever explain why Havlat, who got a game misconduct last game (vs. the Swedes) was playing tonight?

3 57:16 CZE 9 HAVLAT, Martin 5 min. BOARD

3 60:00 CZE 9 HAVLAT, Martin 20 min. GA-MI

I thought a game misconduct applied to the NEXT game you play? Maybe I missed some explanation tonight.

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Poor Gretzky...

The pressure is gettin to him don't you think?

I honestly appreciated his brazen speech and I hope it fires up the players a little more. The hit on Fleury was a'crock of bull', and he should have been penalized.

I hope he also won't regret all his accusations in the morning since they were totally out of character for The Great One. We'll see...

All in all, at least it was a hockey game that should that we still are contenders!

Blane, I think a game misconduct just gets you kicked from the game, in minor hockey I think you sit out the next one...that is what used to ahppen to me anyway...

BTW, did anyone see the Czech player push the net off after the 2nd goal? Nobody mentioned that on CBC.


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Gretzky did the right thing in speaking up and did it at the right time. I think the boys are finally rolling.

That was a nasty crosscheck and he should be gone for a couple.

Im still trying to figure out why Jagr never got in trouble for shoving a linesman on the ice. actually pushed him over on purpose. not last night but a couple of nights ago. abuse of official?

they played good last night, and will play better from here on in. GO CANADA GO

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ok what happened? how are we doing? i've been under a rock -- > i get that the czech made a nasty crosscheck, but i'm wondering what the "coverage" the press is giving team canada is that has gretzky so upset.

sorry to be so behind, if anyone has a couple of minutes to fill me in, that would be great.

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The part that really got to me were TGW's comments about "everyone hating us". The media (American), and every non-Canadian player in the tournement. WOW!! Never heard of any Canadians being hated in a mass, even global context, pretty heavy! Hey h, I'm not sure of all of the details as far as the media goes, however I get the impression that they really want us to lose in a bad way, and have been making a huge deal about our efforts so far. I know that they jumpped all over the comment made by the Swedish coach who said that Mario Lemieux is skating "like an old tractor". Well, he was looking pretty slick last night. The boys are getting better with each game, Give'er!!

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Don`t even get me started on good Ole Wayne`s explosion...Dirty hit on Fleury for sure, would have ended in an NHL suspension...

As for the big guys getting it started...I think the Big Guy #66 has momentum and I think the only reason Gretz had his outburst last night was to keep the momentum going...Plus Canada want some payback aganist the Finns...Considering they knocked them out in Nagano!

Oh yeah, one other thing...Brian Williams plugging Wayne Gretzky`s restaurant and Don Cherry grabbing the mic from Ron Maclean while he`s about to interview Gil Nieuwendyck to plug his own restaurants...GOLD!

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OK here we go...

I like the fact that Wayne is trying to stir up some shit and emotion with the team. He was so right when he said the other teams hate us - they always have. Some of these teams can go 1-5 in a tournament but if they beat Canada they consider it a success. We on the other hand dont play with that kind of emotion, we play more with pride and the fact that we consider hockey, Our game.

Granted over the last decade we havent won any of the BIG tournaments, but this isnt the NBA and the Dream Team. There are 6 or 7 other countires that can put together a team which can beat us on any given day. Our strength is our depth. We could put a B team out there and still be competitive eg. Thorton, Roy, Daze, Redden etc.

I`m not making excuses for the team. Ice size, practise time aside they need to perform. We`ve never been known to blow out teams. While Russia beats Italy 12-1 we do it 3-2.

I think we`ll be OK, playing Finland next is good. They arent`t to be taken lightly but I feel they are a better matchup for us.

Graztky is right to be frustrated, our boys are under a microscope. NO other country feels the pressure they do. We live and breath hockey. I say take all our other medals and just win the Hockey gold. The US only cares about hockey every four years and we all know they like to stir the pot with Canada.

I`m not sure if we`re going to win this thing, but we have as good a chance as anybody. It will come down to goaltending I believe. Brodeur will be OK. Hopefully the forwards will start finishing the plays and the defense will adapt better to the large ice surface.

Lets just hope the medals are decided by the TEAM on the ice and not in one of those stupid shootouts.

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The ice size is definately a major problem, I believe the international ice is the same length but 15 feet wider (I could be mistaken). Case in point against the Germans, they were able to line up 4 guys on their blue-line making it very hard to play the Canadian dump and chase...

Since the red line is invisible we need to get some cherry picking happenning, I think Canada has tried the up the middle two line pass but twice...

It`s been 50 years since we won GOLD...I have a feeling this could be the year...I think it`s a good omen that we didn`t win all three cames so far, Just look at 98, they shouldn`t be over confident!

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Andre, the last time Grez cried was when he was traded from Edmonton to LA. And that was the worst acting I have ever seen. It would of been right up there with the European Soccer players.

Canada does have a old team. 8 players are over 30. But no other team in the tourney has more experience then Canada. Should Canada use a much younger team? This tourney will say it all. If they don't win a medal, then you will see a much younger Canadian team in the next one.

Grez had every right to be upset. That crosscheck I my mind doesn't deserve a suspension. But I penalty yes. It happens in the NHL all the time. It's no worse.

If Canada can get all their players clicking at once, every other team better be looking behind them. I wouldn't want Lemieux and Company all clicking at once.

So all I have left to say is "I AM CANADIAN!!"

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Actually Dave-O, I think Ryan Smith was 'supposed' to be covering Havlat. He sure wasnt on the second goal and that was his man....

I think we need to see Shanahan doing more. He is mis-firing with his shots.

On the plus side, obviously Lemieux..but Kariya Blake and Nolan are on a roll going into this next game.

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hey boys:

i saw 2 team canada games in person.... the swedes, i was in our corner 9 rows off the ice. the boys stopped skating in period 2. no question about it.

game 2 against germany they came out much better. btw i was sitting right behind cujo, guy with the red molson hat and team canada jersey, behind the flag. they skated a lot better, passed better and backchecked more. until the 3rd period. then they kinda quit.

they are cherry picking kariya and iginla, but only at the red line. those guys need to sit neaer the far blue line against the fins.

pronger does look lost out there and is not playing the right angles against faster skaters.

btw does anyone happen to have a copy of the germany game on tape ?? cbc feed please. don cherry sent a camera guy over to us and he got a sweet shot of me yelling behind the flag. plus another guy next to my buddy had the don cherry from president sign.

i would really love a copy of the game if you have it....

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