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This week's Nuggets


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Hey all

Last week was amazing.... from BNB on Friday, Homestyle on Saturday and the amazing Herbie Hancock on Sunday ....I may never recover. I have never seen the scene so strong in this city, that is thanks to all of you!! Keep supporting live music!

Nugget Productions with NuJazz Productions presents


Wednesday March 27, 2002

Mercury Lounge


Direct from Detroit via Toronto. A modern soul man. CD release party.10pm $10

Nugget Productions presents

Aaron MacDonald Band

Friday March 29, 2002

The Bayou 1071 Bank St.

10pm $6

Chaotic - Melodic - Hypnotic- and the pure joy of live performance; this is what the Aaron MacDonald Band brings to the stage every time. Centered around the backbone of Aaron's rock solid rhythms on guitar and vocals that run the gamut from coffee-house poetry to powerhouse choruses, the songs fill with startling depth and texture when augmented by the bands counter-melodies, burning guitars, and deep pocket percussion.

See main page for AMB downloads (thanks Bouche)

Other Shows to see this week


nero......Cafe Dekcuf.....Sunday March 31, 2002 DON'T MISS THIS SHOW!!!!

28/03/2002....... Raggamuffin...... Babylon

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Even Mike Bouchard will be at Raggamuffin tomorrow... damm...

I don't know how you lived in this city as long as you have without a Raggamuffin Ms. Hux... They are kinda hit and miss... let's hope for the Muffin virgins that they are on their game tomorrow.

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Let's see...

Wednesday: Jazzberry Ram

Thursday: Raggamuffin

Friday: Ferriswheeler / Dr. Huxtable

Sunday: Nero

If I can find something for Saturday, it'll be 5 mights running ("Anything worth doing is worth overdoing" / "Nothing exceeds like excess").

Maybe we could use the Phish Sanctuary nametags or the money for frequent event points...when you attend a Phish Sanctified event, you get a stamp or some Phish Bucks...at the end of the year (or a season), the stamps/Bucks can be redeemed for valuable merchandise (e.g., a request auction: chances to request a song are auctioned off to the highest bidder in Phish Bucks) or door fees.

So what's on Saturday?



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Wednesday.... WADE O BROWN @ Mercury Lounge/Jazzberryram @ Babylon

Thursday.....Raggamuffin @ Babylon

Friday.... Aaron Macdonald Band @ The Bayou

Saturday....?? but it is Saturday and something will come up

Sunday.... nero @ Cafe Dekcuf

Monday..... rest?

Tuesday....Mark Wilson and the way it is @ the Bayou

Wednesday.... Blue Quarter @ the Bayou

Thursday.... Raggamuffin @ Babylon

Friday..... Antibalas @ Barrymore's or Live Magnetic Air @ Carleton U

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