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Hey Whackamole

I am almost positive that you are right... I even watched those fuckers get into a cab and leave after fucking with traffic for a while.

They charged $60 on my credit card before midnight (at a different bar)... grrrr

My story is as true as I can remeber... i'm sure I left out more than I included, in fact I know I did. wink.gif" border="0

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well BB you now have my vote dood.


as if u went to mellows!!!!grin.gif" border="0 lol

that is definitely the home of the pro's in Ottawa.

as far as those fuck-sucks go, i hope they forget where they stole that jacket and show their ugly ass mugs in there sometime soon (before i forget what they look like).

we'll twist'em up good DoubleB...no hippy mercy either. mad.gif" border="0mad.gif" border="0

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BB- sorry 'bout the bad luck brotha. You definately get the pity vote for the toaster award. Sounds like your night got lots crazier after we dropped you off. I gotta say i'm impressed you held on to the toaster for the whole roller-coaster evening (or should i say morning). It's a shame you didn't report the credit card stolen right away. It might have been nice to have seen those bastards get a little instant karma when they tried to use it. Shit can only go up from here man.

Indika was stumbly by 1:30...would have liked to have seen him at 7am...toasted, nicely toasted.

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I'm not gonna get all vengfull... If I were a vengfull person I would have destroyed myself long ago.... whatever, move on, things can be replaced. Of course in classice BB style, every government office is on strike which means no drivers lisence or health card replacements... no photo ID for the forseable future.... think I can still get into bars?

The credit card company wouldn't tell me where the charges on my card were made, probably for the best.

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i'm pretty sure i know who stole your shit dbl b.

it is a sketch ball named Cory who was there earlier on and stayed for awhile. he is not supposed to be in the bayou at all but i guess bruce was feeling kind hearted or maybe just too stoned to realize.

he also broke into a truck that night of a regular who always hangs out at the bayou. the whole 'fight' incidence started because the regular found out his truck was broken into and thought that cory was some other dude, as he was wasted and couldn't see straight. the whole 'fight' thing was worked out after some mediation but still cory is yet to be found.

his uncle came into the bayou last week while i was working and called the cops on him as he had just robbed his grandparents in order to buy some crack and has some outstanding warrants, they unfortunatly did not find him.

believe me, this kid has what is coming to him. i know it doesn't help you out brad, but karma will eat him up...

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this cory guy fits the MO of alotta guys i used to know (some i used to hang with).

trust me on this one...guys like that need no help in getting what they got coming. it'll happen...thing is will you be around to laugh at him when it does?

the's the fun part. unfourtunatly it's also the sad part.

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So... about Saturday.....

First things first. Great show, I had never seen DOY before but I'm quite sure we will be seeing them again. The Hux gets better everytime and the last show was their best yet... I know Adam and Mark will be missed.

To that punk ass mother fucker who stole my jacket, wallet and keys.... karma is coming for you and it is gonna tear a hole in your ass!

So... you all think you should win the toaster.... honestly, I was to busy trying to arrange for keys to my car and apartment to notice who realy had their game faces on.... So I will take all nominations today, then post our very first toaster winner(s) tomorrow. Before you post your nomination, let me give you all a snapshot of how my night worked out....

3am....After getting replacement keys I proceeded to get extremely drunk After being asked to leave a few times I did, seems I was the only one left. As I staggered up the stairs... I think it was Jaybone who reminded me not to forget my precious toaster... opps... I stumble into a cab and head back to my apartment.

3:15am.... I set up camp in the lobby of my building waiting for someone to come or go so I can get in.

3:30..... Gangster guy from down the hall kicks me and wakes me up. I was passed out blocking the front door... with a toaster on my lap. Buddy lets me in and I think my night is over ..... I try the key to my apartment, but of course, it is the wrong one.

3:50...... Coming to the realization that I was not getting in, I smoked a joint and headed down Clarence St, back into the market. I was hungry so I went to some shitty dinner on Dalhousie for a snack. There I was... pissed drunk, not much money left, no ID, no where to sleep, just barely keeping myself from passing out .....

"Hey, nice toaster" a tall friendly hooker remarked.....

"thanks, it is a nice toaster... aren't you?" I slurred back to her and the toaster.

Hooker: "Does your toaster talk?"

BB: "sometimes"

Hooker: "Can I sit down?"

BB:"Sure but the toaster took all my money"

Hooker: "no problem, just want to have a conversation"

We sat and chatted for a while, I told her the story of the toaster and my bad luck that night. She told me some stories and I stoped feeling bad for myself. That was that.

5:30am.... I return to my building, get in through the lobby (don't remember how) and pass out in front of the door to my apartment. I just moved into this building and there I was passed out in the lobby and the hallway.... with a fucking toaster under my arm.... and I was worried abou MY neighbours... who's worried now?

10:00am.... The super wakes me up and lets me in.... Embarassed and tired I thank him, "nice toaster" he says sarcasticly

I think my night of homelessness and hookers should put me into strong contention for the toaster.

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I think we have a winner, folks...doubleB's toasting may go into the Year's Best Toast list...

I don't know if stuff that happens outside the club and/or when the potential toastee is alone should count...corroboration should, I think, be part of the toast awarding.

I didn't see a lot of toaster-worthy behaviour at the Bayou, though, so if even half of doubleB's story is true (and, for the record, I believe all of it), doubleB gets my nomination.



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