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Cool spots in TO??


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For when your not seeing a band...

I'm curious where's a good spot to hang out in the city when you just want some decent music playing in the background and is a fun place to chill and have a few beverages...

C'est what is pretty close to me which is an alright place, but I'm sure I could be doing better.

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Scarborough Bluffs - just beautiful... preferably spring/SUMMER/fall...

Art Gallery of Ontario - last time I was there free on tuesdays(maybe after a certain time)

High Park... a great retreat from the mayhem... near Roncevailles and Bloor... bring crumbs, be the leader of the ducks

U of T libraries - always a great read if you can sneak in... good people with open minds hangin(in amongst th' pretentious want to be T.V. avoidables)

Cabbagetown - salt of the earth and some funkytimes too

Free Times Cafe - one of the best open mics in the world... good song and folk generally anytime

CN Tower - why not if you can afford the elevator? revolving restaurant extra

Kensington Market - one or two streets west of Spadina - funkytimes and salt some of the earth too

and just did a search and these people seem to have been some places I've been and some I haven't (memory failing... something to do with the beverage)


"think I'll take a walk downtown instead..."


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that was a drunken reply...

Free Times fits what you were asking...

just down the road fom there check out the Cloak and Dagger great people and at least one clean cut looking guy that plays there who makes my knowledge of Dead look pathetic(and he's just waitin for the opportunity... yelled "Grateful Dead!" when he asked for requests and he said "oh, there are still deadheads in the world?" and proceeded to play 2 hours of obscure classics...

find all the open mic venues... there is an amazing one every day of the week in T.O. but I can't find my list... find one, ask where the rest are, you've found them all... creativity and honest hearts mix well with alcohol...

all of the above, though it might take packin a mickey in your pocket for some (or all)

have fun [smile]

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If you really wanna chill with some decent music playing in the background - I'd pick one of many little places along College St:

Utopia Cafe & Grill - nice little place, Lava Lounge, Lily Bar & Lounge, and if you want good food after going out I'd reccomend Sneeky Dee's (Bathurst and College) or 7 West (Younge and 1 street south of Bloor (Open 24 hours)) <- both of which have been frequented after the bar!

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My two-cents:

Sneaky Dee's http://www.toronto.com/profile/147149/ - a little on the "gritty" side, but kick-ass nachos!

Growler's (at Denison's Brewing Co.) http://www.toronto.com/infosite/151016/ - great food and house beers (the wheat beer is the BEST!)

Bier Markt http://www.toronto.com/profile/599478/ - okay, at times it might better be called the "Meat Markt" but you can't argue with the selection of brews

Smokeless Joe's http://www.bartowel.com/regions/pubs/smokeless.phtml - hmmmm, apparently I really like beer! [Wink] A selection that rivals the Markt, but a much coozier room and totally smoke-free.


Mr. M.

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Green Room tis very awesome,

Futures has kickass mashed potatoes!

Diabolos, it's at University college at U of T, it's really awesome cause they have these hugeee red leather chairs... mmmm comfy.

it's hard to find though.. [Wink]

Moonbean in kensington, Last temptations, also in kensington

.... umm, fresh outta ideas here..

For eats, check out Juice for LIfe or Lakeview lunch.. mmm..food.



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My favourite pubs so far are:

The Duke of Gloucester ( Yonge and Gloucester - south of Bloor, on east side, upstairs )

The Beverley ( Queen and John )

Friar and Firkin ( Queen and John )

Imperial Library Pub ( Victoria and Dundas - upstairs especially )

Spirit's Bar and Grill ( Bloor and Church )

The Rebel House ( Yonge Street - just south of Summerhill subway stop, or 2 blocks north of Davenport on Yonge )

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