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How many of you guys trade too?


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i trade once in a while. I had a serious addiction for a while. was getting more shows than i could possibly listen to. I've slowed down since then but have been thinking of starting a few trades here and there. I really need to get all the different shows i went to over the last year.

oyersterhead, TOO, Phil, TAB ect...... maybe i'll update my list over the holidays and try to hook up some trades.

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Originally posted by shainhouse:

we should bring Ctree over here.

We kinda like our little list how it is [smile] As much as i love this site too, I think we're just gonna let ctree be....although anyone can join it, the fact that there are no official archives or google bots archiving every message is something we like! Its a simple site that can be viewed in *nix terminal windows as well as IE, Netscape, Opera etc.

anyhow, as far as trading and stuff goes, I find that very few people actually "trade" like we used to, say, 4 or 5 years ago. Most people have fast internet connections and simply us DC, ftp, usenet or other means to download the music they like. Thats not to say that some of us snail mail traders are still around, cause we are! Although, most of the music i get comes from downloading....and, when i do offer the "hot" new shows up for B+P, trade,etc, most people never get around to sending discs because since getting in on the b+P, have found the ftp where they can download!!

anyhow, trading rules, and so does music.

PS: if anyone is trying to get to the ctree.org site, we are down right now due to a router failer out on the west coast.....check back another day [smile]

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