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Help me make a CD


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Guest Low Roller

Yeah, I'm currently working on a mix as well. I'm trying to cover as much of the musical landscape as I can in 14 songs (approx.), and it's proving to be exceedingly difficult.

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The "Free Form Funkafide Filth" track from the Carlos Santana / Buddy Miles album is possibly the sickest, longest, and angriest funk jam I've heard. Low Roller and I were at dave-O's place on Friday night, and he had the LP out. He told us about the track, and we had him put it on, causing us to spend the next 25 minutes or so (it's the whole side 2 of the LP) with our jaws on the floor.

On a lighter note, "Swag" by viperHouse (from the "Shed" CD) is a gas: it's an entire lesson in socioeconomics (hey, how many funk jams use the word "hegemony"?) encased in some seriously fun funk.



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Guest Low Roller

As of right now my mix looks something like this:

01- Flunk "I love music"

02- The Stone Roses "Fool's Gold"

03- Phish "Moma Dance"

04- Tuatara "In The Passing Lane"

05- Threat From Outer Space "Soul Patrollers"

06- Blind Melon "Toes Across The Floor"

07- Allman Brothers Band "Jessica"

08- Emerson, Lake, and Palmer "Hoedown"

09- Primal Scream "Autobahn 66"

10- Bran Van 3000 "Astounded"

11- Thievery Corporation "Emerald All"

12- New Order "Slow Jam"

13- A Tribe Called Quest "Excursions"

14- Drums and Tuba "Green Shirt"

15- Garcia & Grisman "Shady Grove"

16- The Doors "The Ghost Song"

17- Radiohead "Blowout (remix)"

It's slightly schitzophrenic to say the least, yet it represents my taste in music quite nicely. There were so many more bands I wanted to fit in here: Jimi, Dead, Cypress Hill, moe., Tea Party, Boards of Canada, Sublime, etc... This may become a 2 CD set.

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The juices are starting to get revitalized - thanks!!!

Yea, lovin the mix so far, I think it may turn into a few volumes... Im also thinking about putting together a sorta "festival music" compilation... u know... the tunes u hear being blasted at like 05:30 on a Monday - what's everyone's fav songs at - say Ghosttown?

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Some good ones that always make my mixes a little better:

Everythings Coming Our Way- Santana

Further On Down the Road- Taj Mahal

Scenic Anomaly- The New Meanies

Whatever Gets You Through the Night-John Lennon

Gin and Juice- The Gourds

Kodachrome- Paul Simon

What I Got- Sublime

Feelin Alright- Joe Cocker (or Isaac Hayes)

Can't Ya Hear Me Knockin- Rolling Stones

Graceland- Paul Simon

First Tube- Phish

King Harvest- The Band

and a good mix couldn't finish better than:

Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles

Just a thought........


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OK here's some ideas of some great songs off the top of my head

bare with me

01 Willy The Pimp- Zappa

02 Just the two of us- Mr Bill Withers

03 Space- Saunders/ Garcia/ Kahn/ Vitt

04 The Pusher- Blind Melon

05 Key To The Highway- B.B.King/ Claption

06 That Smell- Lynard Skynard (you gotta have some southern rock in your life)

07 Confessin' The Blues- BB King & Albert Collins

08 Tonights The Night- Neil Yough

09 Sexy Mexican Maid- The Red Hot C.P.

10 Late in The Evening- Paul Simon

11 The Wrong Way- Sublime

12 Ait't It Funky- Greyboy Allstars

13 Higher Ground- Stevie Wonder

14 Kick Down- Long Beach Dub Allstars (this groove is great....killer track)

as I said just some ideas...

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