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Guest Low Roller

I really wouldn't worry about this list mainly because it was written by left-wing fascist hood-wearing Republicans. Their main reasoning behind putting Tiger Woods at #20, is because they cannot classify his race, leaving them confused as to which racial slurs to use when talking about him. Fantastic.

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I do agree with Sheryl Crow being on the list. However, I would have put her in the Top 10. I love Rome -he rules the sports airwaves. Here's a few I wish made it on the list:

Raine Maida & Chantal Kreviazuk ( they make me sick )

Jeff Martin

Dianna Krall

Nelly Furtado

Bands that won't play guitar solos, even if they have two guitarists in the band.

Mike Bullard

Sci-Fi Channel executives that cancelled Farscape

Fox executives that cancelled Firefly

Q-107's boring and ball-less radio programming

The Edge 102's unimaginative radio programming

K-Rock ( Kingston radio ) - see above

Pat Buchanan

Will and/or Grace

Creators of Survivor

Nickelback/Creed/Puddle Of Mudd

Ray Manzarek ( let Jim rest... man )

'Current' Saturday Night Live cast and writers

Joe Bowen ( Hey Joe! You are not a member of the Leafs. Stop acting like you play on the 4th line )

Toronto Star sports writers: Chris Zelkowitch and Damien Cox ( also heard on The Fan radio )

Toronto Sun sports writer: Bill Lankoff

CBC Sports announcer: Scott Russell

The city of Kingston's urban planners ( Re: Block D )

Walmart and all other 'box' stores - Barrie Ontario being the biggest embracer

Oakland Raiders ( sorry Booche )

Dallas Cowboys

Mike Tyson

Ottawa Senators ( I don't like their philosophy. Sorry Ottawa... and Spezza should be on the team )

Nik Antropov ( see below )

Peter Forsberg ( will not account for his actions )

Robert Reichel

Jonas Hoglund

Andy Van Massenhoven and Don Koharski ( horrible referee duo )

The Oshawa Generals, Peterborough Petes, Barrie Colts and Belleville Bulls - for kicking Kingston's ass every year.

Syracuse Orangemen basketball coach Jim Boeheim

Bobby Knight


Trey rules and so does Michael Moore!!

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Does anybody at all appreciate irony. I'm 'taking this guy seriously' precisely because he's lampooning supposedly sacred cows no one ever dares to topple, Tiger Woods can be majorly annoying in his own way, ever heard him talk? He should stick to bouncing balls off his clubs and stop doing stilted Amex infomercials. Mike Moore can equally be just as annoying.

And I'm just perplexed what a 'left-wing fascist hood-wearing Republican' is- how can you be both left and right at the same time I'm perplexed.

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