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Nero at the Rivoli


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Here's the setlist, courtesy of Velvet, the V-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed:

Nero / 2002.12.20 / The Rivoli, Toronto, ON

My Favourite Things (tease) ->

Carol of the Bells ->

Centrognome ->

Lemondust ->

Basheeba ->

Pumpkin Song

Chocolate Monkey Machine ->

Whispy Mountain Wonder ->

Chocolate Monkey Machine




It was one of the most solid sets of Nero I've seen; it reminded me of the Horseshoe set from the day before After Phil: solid, to the point, and rockin' all the way.

Right away, I knew it was going to be good, when the MFT tease came out of nowehere, then into Carol of the Bells. The Lemondust came out of nowhere, and blew me away. The CMM was crazy, too. Pumpkin Song didn't have the usual amount of audience participation (I've heard more singing along at Dekcuf), but it was still fun.

Special thanks (and congratulations) to LJFH for the housewarmingup thing, and for the floor/crash space afterward. Thanks also to bsherman for the rides, and to show-whore (and the rest of the tapers, most of whose names I didn't get) for the space on the mic stand.


Brad, Who Can't Wait For Nero's Eve

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That show was so good......I danced until I could dance no more...and then went back and shared a pack of Halls with some guy standing beside me. Even though I was feeling terrible, Nero did not fail to make me wanna go crazy.

Thanks to friends and the Nero kids for the fun before/after housewarming....and you are all welcome back anytime to take your turn in the jacuzzi. [Wink]

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Thanks for the great night nero and Velvet. Also, thanks for the Christmas present I won in the draw. I brought 2 of my girlfriend's friends with me ( non-jam fans ) and they are converted - not to jam bands per-say, but to nero. I'm pleased with this. nero never sounded better to me. I like the variety of nero's music and how nero can read and feed off the vibe of the crowd. A great night had by all.

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