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acoustic guitar question

snarfmaster C

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so i'm working on learning another joni tune - this one involves sliding your fingers down two frets and back up again really quickly.... i can't help but make a really loud [color:"yellow"] squeaky-running-your-fingers-along-the-strings sound whenever i play it ---- any pointesr on how to minimize the squeak and maximize the notes?

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think about how much energy you are using to fret the notes. Let your fingers just lie on the strings, and then little by little apply pressure until the note sounds. You only need to use that much force. Less pressure less string noise...

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Two suggestions:

a) get coated strings. They're more expensive but they last longer, and maybe have a wee bit less squeak in 'em, and, a much better suggestion:

B) learn to love the squeak. It's a beautiful part of the innate sound of the guitar. Part of it's timbral signature, if you'd like.

A third and likely more correct suggestion, though it's certainly no quick fix:

learn to lift your fingers farther off the neck when you slide.

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