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Hey Booche/Booche. I Bought This Today...


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I don't have the dough for a real $2000 Dobro, so I went for something a little more affordable:

The Dean Resonator SP


Here's the specs:

Spider Bridge

Maple Top

Mahogany Back & Sides

24-3/4" Scale & 1-11/16" Nut

Grover Tuners

Mahogany Neck

Rosewood Fingerboard

Dot Inlays

Multi-ply Binding

21 Frets

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Hey Willy,

First two questions: How does the Epiphone sound and handle and have you played this guitar with a slide yet?

I recommend that you play a bunch of dobros of varying prices ( metal and wood ) before you buy. It all comes down to the tone.

I bought a Dean because they make good and affordable guitars, but the bottom line is that this Resonator has a surprisingly great sound and Delta tone ( coming from me, who grew up in Kingston ;) ).

To answer your question, I bought this guitar new and on sale for $529.00 w/o case. It retailed for $800.

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Upon my word what does it mean?

Is it love or is it me

That makes me change so suddenly

From looking out to feeling free?

I brought the Resonator to work and I have it in my hands right now. I think I'll work on Please Be With Me tonight.

Thanks for the Cowboy lyric. Duane Allman's best session slide-guitaring by far.

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hey Willy, I play one of those... It's the Epiphone Biscuit... Really nice, crisp sounding, not as muddy as the Fender resonators... I couldn't compare it to a National or anything, but I think it sounds great. Perfect for slide and picking...

I'd recommend it, but you'd have to try it for yourself to really know if it's right for you (obviously).


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