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*Realistic* bands you would like to see play CTMF


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Not bands like Phish or Hall & Oats... realistic stuff

I would like to see...

- Guesthouse

- Rose Garland

- Burt Neilson Band

- Mr. Something Something

- White Cowbell Oaklahoma

- Fat Cats

- Slammin' Jack

- Passenger

- Silver Hearts

I can't really understand why some of these bands are missing from the lineup but maybe Mark is holding out for other festivals this year.

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Hey New Rider,

I think you're right about Mark Wilson's plan to include some of the bands you listed during the Canada Day or Labour Day festivals. I'm not positive, but I think he asked the Fatties about the May long weekend and they couldn't make it.

Peace, Mark

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oops, you're right! I remember Todd told me that they had other plans to party themselves that weekend. It's good to see that you'll be playing down there, I still haven't seen Harvard Mouse but I'll be there for sure next Saturday in Kitchener... see ya then!

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Hey Aaron,

Glad to read that you'll be able to make it for the Rose Garland & Harvard Mouse show. It should be lots of fun. I'm excited for my drummer Tim - he's a huge Deadhead, and a good friend of Chuck's, and I think he'll have lots of fun drumming with Rose Garland.

I'll be playing with Dave Scully as part of a duo at the CTMF. He's one of the guitar players from Harvard Mouse and long-time friend of mine. It will be a new experience for both of us, and a chance for me to try out some of my original material. We currently play the occasional original song with Harvard Mouse, but at this point it's mainly covers ... lots of Dead mixed in with some other tasty songs.

I'm looking forward to the May 8 show and to the CTMF, and I'll see you at both of them. Look for the older long-haired dancing dude with a grin on his face ... :: :: ::

Peace, Mark

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1st time playing:

-High On The Hog Band


-Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

-Dr. Didg

-Smokin' Grass


returning again:


-Creaking Tree String Quartet

-Grand Theft Bus

-Wassabi Collective

-Drums & Tuba

-The Slip

-Slammin' Jack

I know there's a lot of other bands, but I would gladly pay to see any of the above at CTMF...

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Gotta pipe up with the best band name I have heard in a long time, and it aint for sucking up to Weezy so he wont photo-shop me anymore.......


Raq, Silver Hearts and the Gourds would be nice too!

And, for that all out band, Umphrey's McGee::

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