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Gener thanks String Cheese


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Hey Esau, The String Cheese Incident has never covered 'Roses Are Free'. It sounds like Gene Ween is making fun of the "jamband" scene again.

When I saw Ween at Bonnaroo in it's first year they seemed more than happy to perform 'Roses Are Free' and lap up the applause. Applause that was due to Phish making it popular for them to all that were at that show.

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Don't get me wrong I like Ween a lot and have listened to them since around my university days, which would date back to '94. I was mainly joking around with what I was saying and don't take anything too seriously when Ween are quoted.

Just like I'm going to have a hard time taking your quote, kung, seriously "Ween graciously loaned the song to Phish and when they got it back the interest was a throng of wooks." I don't think Phish had to ask Ween's permission to cover Ween, or anybody else for that matter. That's the great thing about songs, just like roses, they're free.

That statement thanking SCI is funny though.

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who's Ween?

www.Googlism.com says...

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ween is dead meat

ween is as ween does by jim lewis

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Come on bitches this time there really is a wolf!

There is no wolf.

Ween simpley doesn't want Wooks to love em. So they rag on the bands Wooks love the most.

It will be intersting to see how the Bisco crowd and the Ween crowd get along at Jam by the river and wether or not they'll play "Don't shit where you eat."

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I don't think Phish had to ask Ween's permission to cover Ween, or anybody else for that matter. That's the great thing about songs, just like roses, they're free.

yeah, and (thank boognish) didn't ween ask phish to stop playing roses are free? ;)

that quote is fricken hilarious, kung. that's as good as the time gener introduced "you fucked up" with "and this is a song i wrote for my mom". ah ha ha ha ha ha.....

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Hey Esau, The String Cheese Incident has never covered 'Roses Are Free'.

Didn't think so.

Although, I really am not a fan of the three above mentioned bands (with a small exception to Phish),my comment was originally intended as sarcastic but I can see how it wouldn't read that way.And yeah,trust me,I know ALL about poking fun at the "jamband" scene...

Ps.(for the rest of ya'll)

I'd rather listen to Phish with the members of Ween then listen to SCI. ;)

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