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shaker shopping list!!


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okay i know somebody already started something like this for CTMF... but whatever. i don't want to leave anything out. what are some things you can't go to a camping music fest without? for me starting off....(and i'm not exactly a light packer when it comes to these things... i like to be prepared, warm, and dry!)


-tarps (at least 2)

-sleepin bag

-extra blankets



-rain gear

-lots of warm clothes & extra shoes

-bathing suit (eternal optimist)

-ear plugs (if there's time to sleep)


-wet wipeys for your hands & face

-a big straw hat (very important!!)

what have i missed? (besides things to be ingested)

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-suntan lotion

-bug repellent

-duct tape

-bottled water


-towel(s)... even if there aren't showers or swimming

-a pillow or 2

-fresh batteries or extra batteries (esp. if you have a battery operated pump for an air mattress. unfortunately i learned this lesson the hard way ;) )

-camera & film

-candles and something safe to set them on

-garbage bags (clear ones really help people with separating recycling from garbage too, haha)

-toothbrush & toothpaste

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Just as a few suggestions:

-DEFINITELY a flashlight

-good footgear (and an extra pair)

-please bring cans instead of bottles

-you do not need to bring bottled water....there will be free drinking water at the Farm which comes from a well

-you won't need to lug ice either, free ice at the Farm


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"In general I'd say bring whatever you think will help you be as respectful as possible. This is someone's home after all..."


Large garbage bags.

'Ghost in, ghost out' - meaning, try and make it look like you werent even there. Pick up after yourself, and after your neighbour if they cant do it for themselves.

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thats the rumour,, i heard the camping is about a 15 min walk from the parking, and the stage is another 15 min from the camping area, i could be wrong but i heard this from a few people. i'd say bring a bike if you want to camp near your car

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If the distance estimates from the parking area to the camping area are correct, another thing to bring would be a luggage trolley or something similar; even a little red wagon would help. (Ask Canuck Duck about the schlep we made with the cooler at moe.down 3...)



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i heard there was some for of shuttle going oon, or a guy with a atv and a trailer that will help people het stuff to there camp site,, don't hold me to it, i'd get a big cooler with wheeles for my beer , cause it would suck to have to walk to get more beer

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When you park your car, an ATV with a trailer will take your gear to the campsite while you check in at the gate. From the gate it's about a five minute walk to the campground.

From the campground it's about a ten-minute walk to the stage area, but that's where the free ice is, so you just have to lug beer from the campground to the stage.


Lookin' forward to meeting ya!

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(besides the usual stuffs)

- vitamin c

- xtra pair shoes

- flashlight

- day/night sunglasses

- cigarette holder (smoker or not)

- will to retain soul

- shrimp/frying pan/stick of butter

- chair

- jamhub membership nametag... errr, ;)

- smile, cause its gonna be an awesome time!! cant wait! late night bushwhacking and swashbuckling. its so awesome everyone is coming out!! yeeeeeeah. :)

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also can anyone explain the camping setup? someone told me it was park and walk to campsite and then hike to stage area, can anyone confirm this?

We're really focus in making sure that everyone has the best experience possible at the shaker.

The Camping lay out is as followed


unload your gear

a four wheeler with trailer hauls your gear to and camp ground for you : )

you walk to camping area 5min

Camping Area

covered in moss and is great for sleeping of your into that.

there will be lots for garbage cans and you'll see cans nailed to the trees here and there that's for your butts.

Festival area

two stage.

Mail stage

is attached to house and is about 10 feet off the ground.

Second stage

is 20 feet to left of the main stage 3-4 feet off the ground.

having the two stage side by side means you don't to even walk one step to the second stage.

and there's no over lapping music so you'll see every second of music that's playing this weekend.

on the right side there'll be venders and whatnot.

your also about 2min from an unbelievable lake .

There is also free water at the house. you'll see a white pipe with 4 taps along the side of the house.

Remember that is someone house so please treat as if it was your own.

Does anyone else feel the buzz in the air about the shaker this year its going to a unreal weekend!!!

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Actually, we are replacing the white water pipe with a laundry-style deep sink. There will be hot and cold water and a liquid hand soap dispenser, as well as dish soap for those who bring their own plates instead of using disposables.

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Wow...not only offering free water but offering hot and cold water to campers there?

This is already the best festival of the year in my backs. I'm so humbled by what you kids are planning...I'l try and think of some useful things for you.

In fact Farley, why don't you tell us if there's anything we can bring extra of to help you out?

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Well, for starters, bring all your friends! The more the merrier. Some extra garbage bags to give out to your neighbours in the campground would be a big plus for us, and PLEASE tell your friends to bring only cans or plastic bottles, no glass if possible.

And thanx for your kind words!


If you're bringing a camper van or RV, we MAY be able to park you closer to the music area, but only if you can arrive the day before the show (Thursday). We have to shut the road down to all traffic on Friday. Otherwise, you will be camping in the parking field.

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