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Adirondack Fest?


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If this festival disappears, our summer has fizzled.

We were so excited for the Shaker, the official start of the summer. When that was cancelled, we immediately set our excitement ahead to the AMMF.

I hate rumours without evidence, but I'm now thinking rumours with evidence is even worse.

This is probably the best setting for a music festival I have ever been to.

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I'm not sure about all of the here-say. If bands don't have the fest listed on their website, I wouldn't necessarily attribute that to a cancellation. It's more likely that they lazily haven't updated their tour-lists online since alot of these acts were announced only weeks ago.

The thread suggests that AGP is not playing for sure. I don't really see that as evidence either.

It's only 2 weeks away, so I hope some good (or really any) news comes out soon.

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This is an email I got from an agent that I work with regularly who represents a few of the bands on the bill. Not trying to spread false info, but he is a pretty trusted source.

This is not a formal announcement or anything, but having made the

rounds of calls to to other agencies, I am certain that the only bands

that think they are playing this festival are the small NY State bands

that may not know what is going on.

My artists are cancelled. All of the other large regionals, small

nationals and headliners are gone as far as I can tell. The sound

company is out.

This event looks like it is a non-event. The same probably goes for The

Secluded Forest Festival. If anybody knows any different please let me


Let your fans know.

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I just talked with my contact regarding the festival. He's telling me it is still a go for sure, although because ticket sales are slow George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic are no longer on the bill. I asked him about the other headliners (e.g. Derek Trucks Band, Karl Denson) and he said he thought they were still a go and that they should receive their deposits and have the festival listed soon. Having said that, he didn't sound positive about which bands were still a go for sure and which ones weren't. He never said anything specifically about nero. His role from what I can tell is that of a "utility person/helper" that knows the owner and works with the owner and the promoter to get things done.

Unfortunately I've had mixed feelings about this festival this year as it's seemed sort of "sketchy" at times ... announcements, and then cancelled announcements, and then reannouncements, and then cancelled announcements, etc. I am planning on going but will make a firm call once the date gets very close. I don't want to drive that distance to find myself with no festival or a very scaled down event. Having said that, it sounds like a festival is happening for sure, but that it just might not be as big as hoped for.

It is a beautiful venue, I hope it's a go!

Peace, Mark

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Be careful kids this sounds dicey (obviously). If the deposits haven't been payed by now they aren't likely to be or they are at the point of no return and it's a moot point. I would not count on seeing Derek Trucks there or any of the bigger names, they only have so long to scramble and pick up another date and once they have it's a done deal.

(And how 'bout making the link colour something more noticeably different than the text there boochies)

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so from what i'm gathering here, many of the bands are dropping this gig & the tickets i bought (and made other friends buy as well promising a sweet chilled out music fest) are gonna get me admission to a nice camp site but listening to ernie & his f@#&! acoustic geetar for 7 hours a day? are ekoostik hookah still gonna be there? can i get my money back for serious false line-up advertisement? balls. any suggestions???

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My suggestion ... hang on for a few more days to see if the big name bands are playing or not. Cancelling one band (i.e. George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic) is not going to ruin the festival, in my humble opinion, but if the other bigger names are no longer playing (i.e. Derek Trucks Band, Karl Denson, Jen Durkin & The Bomb Squad, Ekoostik Hookah) then I would ask for a full refund and see what they say.

I can't see how this company would expect to be able to successfully run another festival later this summer (i.e. the Secluded Forest Fest with String Cheese Incident) if they rip people off at this one. Interestingly enough the Secluded Forest Fest is listed on the SCI web site, and tickets are being sold through SCI Ticketing, which makes me think that the festival is happening for sure. But good luck getting people to go to the Secluded Forest Fest if people feel ripped off at the Adirondack Music Fest.

I've got my fingers crossed that the Adirondack Fest is still a go, with the big names. I had a blast at the festival last year, the location is great, and I've had it on my calendar for a while.

Peace, Mark

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