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cool...and like the quotation, I also often wonder if I have free will....even my impatient urge to try to control things seems to be a part of my dualistic nature ...it seems that I've been born divided...like twins I am...fighting for an increased connectedness to the motherlode that is nature ... physics... the universe...

and I guess that's just the way it is...it seems to me that I'm just a ...dare I say it...PASSENGER on the road of life...and the more I accept that possibility the easier my life seems to be...the more I go with the flow...this is what I tend to think bro...

Nature Rules!...enjoy the ride!...Peace!...Jim

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Hehe, the twins you say?

Pure gemini myself.Sun & moon in the same house.I refer to being a "merely a passenger" alot actually.Much better then a pawn in my eyes.

I'll be enjoying nature in a couple days,off to the north crownland with a canoe,a pole,some fine grown cannabis and no expectations but quiet and anonymity.

Hope to cross paths with ya at the next steeltown show my friend. ::



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