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I have today off work!!!


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  • head down to the Byward Market, walk around, enjoy the fresh air, do some shopping*, have a patio beer or dinner
  • go for a hike up in Gatineau
  • go cycling
  • nap
  • visit a museum (the sci & tech one's fun, or the civilization museum)



* This'd be a good time to search for something special for someone you care about.

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All great idears...especially monkey man's...I'll be right there :)

Maybe i'll take ole Rinny out for a tour...the pedal still works...just makes a horrible sound.

Unfortunately I plowed through all the clear last night!!

Accomplishments so far today...

1 pot of coffee (must beat caffeine addiction)

5 cigarettes

took the garbage out

watch Olympic Softball (go Canada!)

cleaned the kitchen

spent some time with StrongBad.

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