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So when will I get a chance to see my "Passed Out Wookies" photo from Dave and Lara's wedding? Gator told me he already saw it, and I've checked both passedoutwookies.com and w00ks.org, but nothing yet... I just want to see how bad I looked...

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That was you guys that gave me the sleeping bag? Many thanks, brah... I probably would have died without it! I left it on the chair I had been sleeping on, I hope you get it back... The headlamp might be Asparagus'... I know he was sporting one for awhile.

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Hey GM, feel free to use it until I see you next... it will come in handy at both evolve and moe.down I'm sure... battery might be running a bit low... if i think of it i'll send my spare one with the bnb boys out east for you!

The headlamp is the perfect accessory for any outfit.


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