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Saturday Pre-party


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AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! i'm so glad you're actually coming, meggo, that's fricken AWESOME! heehee, i'm so giddy! we'll work all the details out closer to the weekend, but you are so very welcome to crash at the palace!

and gang! heads up! we gots another guest of honour in da house! going away bash for marie, simone, meagan & meghan! whooohoooo!!!!!!

(hahahaha, maybe if you 2 megs get sick of your careers you could start a lady detective tv show: meagan & meghan... it'll knock the socks of simon & simon, that's for sure! hahahah)

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don't mean to crash this K-W-Chatham-London thread but... oh wait, yes i do. thought i could catch you all together to give you this heads-up. this is serious @#$* so pay attention. 2 sets of bocce balls this CTMF - play time's over, we're playin for keeps now so ice up those elbows and get ready to throw down. ;)

have fun guys, see you next weekend.

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hah... love the bocce. unfortunately i can't make it to CTMF this time around, i'll be missing you guys tho!! hope you have a wicked time at evolve mike, safe travels! and get your ass up to ottawa one of these days :)

thorg: i am leaving from chatham-area and in fact i have to stop in london to pick up the cookbooks i left there (hahahah... i forgot they were even there!). let me know if you need a lift, you are most welcome, although i will say my car is going to be packed to the GILLS! you may have to have luggage on your lap, heheh. i'll pm you the numba here.


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double bocce! nice one. i was just saying to someone the other day, bocce with you guys is one of my most anticipated events of the upcoming CTMF. we're gonna bring it, so look out! i wont be up till saturday.. try and keep grand theft bus playing as long as possible. :)

indeed, have some fun at evolve for me. i didnt win the tix, and that was my only hope.. cheers.

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