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MMW DEC.4 @ The Kool Haus in Toronto


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Guest Low Roller

Could this potentially mean a show in Montréal as well? Last time they played the Spectrum (or Metropolis, I forget) is was a total throw down. Here's hoping for a Montréal show.

I saw Crystal Method at the Kool Haus in 2001/2002. It was a decent show, and I didn't think the venue was that bad.

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yeah, last medeski show in that room was amazingly flat sounding and there was just a wierd vibe in that cavern... I managed to have a good time by dancing by myself in front of the speakers

hope someone's doing something extra special to get the sound together this time

that said I'm due for a medeski show for sure

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I went to the show in 2001 as well. I too thought it was fantastic. In fact, everytime I've ever seen them, they were mind-blowing. Though, Kool Haus is famous for bad sound, but the room does have some real nice sweet spots, one just has to find them.

I've heard some quite credible rumors of a Montreal show, we'll see if they actually pan out.

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