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Jammah-Hammah-Steeltown : FAT CATS + TALA - CASBAH


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Now here is a loo-loo of a gig. I can picture the sweat dripping down the Casbah walls already. Big ups to these groups.

When: Saturday September 11

Where: Casbah, 306 King St W, Hamilton


Age Limit: 19+

Times: 9:00PM Doors, 10:00PM Show

Cost: $7



bio: "The Fat Cats are back, and it seems these poor bastards just don't know when to stop. After flogging the old horse for ten years, the boys have seen Littwiller off to the city to spread the love…Big City Litty. The remaining trio decided to take the summer off. Coming out of hiding four months later, the band (fluent in Spanish, and spiritually advised) had a vision of grandeur, a pipe dream; to find a couple of chumps that were willing to join the circus. A keyboard player was unearthed from the banks of the French River, chipped from the stones of hard rock and heavy metals. In the other corner, a new drummer (referred by Littwiller) was easily convinced with a couple of martinis and the promise of a good life. It has become apparent that these two jokers are hell bent for leather and ready to go. After a few months in the gig simulator, the new line-up is proof that it takes one to know one. The story begins to unfold as a good thing never dies…it just lingers. See you at the show"

web: http://www.fat-cats.com

label: Indie

music: http://www.fat-cats.com/html/music.html

for fans of: Cheeba-cheeba, The Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Gram Parsons, Burt Neilson Band, Diesel Dog & long walks on the beach



bio: "three piece improvisational band all about grooves. Funk, reggae, & mayhem."

web: http://www.tala.ca

label: Indie

music: http://www.sonicbids.com/tala

for fans of: Fat Cats, Phish, Detroit-funk, dub

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They ALL are solid folk.I'm wondering if Ben (manager still, I believe) is making the trip,got an email from em but no indication if he was making the journey,he may be still out west.

Listening to a great Tala show right now actually,seamless sets with nero from Canmore,awesome stuff.

Looking forward to this one,dam good bill with those two bands,should prove to be a great night.

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I'm in TO at the ACC doing a goalie race at the Semi-finals of the World Cup of Hockey

*cough*guest list*cough*please*cough* ;)

Esau, if there was a guest list to put you on, I'd do it in a second! Unfortunately they give us absolutely no perks (my parent's had to buy scalper tickets when they came to watch me do a race ::) - they've got to save all their pennies so they can pay out all those multi-million dollar contracts!

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