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CTMF- absolutely wonderful weekend


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and most people are still passed out in their tents... Non stop 24 hour partying with an amazing group of people I can't even begin to list. Had a bittersweet blast with everyone there, partying, jamming till sunrise, dancing till it hurt.

Cheers to Mark Wilson again. he does fine work. Also cheers to my musical highlight of the weekend, SMOKESTACK. They kicked my ass harder than I'm been kicked in ages. It warranted a shin kicking beatdown from Schwa, Backbacon and the Hux. These guys are just unreal. blew me away. Jomomma w/Geoff was killer. The new shady groove keep getting better, the John Henry's were great and Diesel Dog was amazing.

wow. THANK you everyone. awesome time.

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right on... i'm sorry i didn't make it this time around, canada day CTMF was a hoot. looking forward to reading more about the antics of the weekend (going to live vicariously thru you guys for this one).

btw shain you're taking off soon huh, best of luck in england! you're going to have an amazing time i'm sure. ::

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What a great weekend! Awesome weather, sweet music, and beautiful people.

Smokestack blew me away ... totally pro sounding, super-tight, great original songs and excellent cover song selections (2 Steely Dan songs and Cripple Creek by The Band), awesome musicianship. It's nice to hear a band that has lyrics to get the head spinning along with the body.

Jomomma sounded fat and funky!

Diesel Dog had lots and lots of people grooving and smiling and moving their feet.

Mark Wilson has an awesome voice!

The John Henry's have some great songs ... a little too country for my liking but I'm positive that lots of people will really dig this band.

The New Shady Groove and Blue Quarter both played intense sets of music. Blue Quarter has got some of the craziest tones that I've ever heard, and some of the intros and transitions between songs are out there ... super heavy progressive jazz! And I really like when they get funky!

Nice to hear Tala with the sitar.

We had the right weather for the SilverTones!

Passenger ... those guys know how to play!

Steve & Crazy Stickbird ... gotta love Shelby and Johnny Kerr. Shelby belts it out, and Johnny oozes music ... reminds lots of us of Levon Helm. Steve Murphy has some excellent original songs!

I enjoyed the other bands that played in the afternoon, especially as I was cooling off in the lake. It's so nice to have an on-site swimming hole with clean water, where you can swim while taking in the music.

I wasn't there on Friday so I can't comment on and of the Friday bands, but people were definitely talking about GTB on Saturday when I showed up.

And what a huge collection of wonderful people throughout the campground ... way too many to mention ... it's so nice to be able to travel throughout the campground and basically stop in and visit anybody, whether you know them or not. It was a very relaxing, super-friendly vibe at this festival, with lots of campfire jams and drum circles.

Come the middle of winter I will be itching for the May 24 weekend!!!

Peace, Mark

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shain, i'm glad you had such a good time this weekend! i can't think of a better place to enjoy a bon voyage 'do. :) by the way, i really like your drum, it has a nice sound to it, and you play it very well.

number 2, high fives to you on making the mission down for sunday! i especially liked that your shirt matched the prom dress i was wearing. ahhaha. good times, hope to see you soon too.

and meggo, you were very missed this weekend. :( pretty baths just weren't the same without you. i even dropped the soap (and it didn't float either). thank boognish for floating shampoo!

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