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Im going home Donny

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wow.....I was converted last night...thanks Roller,Smellsgrosse and Booche...and LGFH for keepin the song list goin'......Roller...holy crap can you ever sing that Radiohead!!!!!!!!!....he was so good as to bring me to tears!!!(not thats too difficult these days)...still...amazing. My new Radiohead collection will begin with my next pay :: I hope it's as good without the mean Mandolin playin'.

oh and Douglas can sing a mean Guns & Roses....still hate them but that was incredible :: ::GOLD.

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echoing howler! what a fun time. the tunes were great. the food was great. douglas sorry we drank the beer i brought for you, heehee, next time! thanks so much for having everyone over.

and howler - i have 'the bends', i'll burn that for ya, i'm pretty sure the radiohead boys have lotsa cash! ;)

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I as well had a great time.....once the Radiohead starts going, It's hard to get me stopped.

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.

Julia....I have every album and a ton of live shows, I will burn em all for ya....just c'mon over some evening and we'll have a burning/boozing evening.

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Guest Low Roller

It usually takes a lot to get me going on guitar/voice in front of a crowd, but for some reason the stars aligned just right on Friday night or something, because I think you got treated to Prime Roller on Friday night. I had a blast. Thanks for listening.

But that mandoline! That is the missing Radiohead ingredient.

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