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Bruce Hornsby Solo Setlist: 9/12- London, UK


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What a wonderful show, with Blane (Unitmonster) and myself in attendance skanking it up... (no pun intended)

Full review soon..

Bruce Hornsby (solo)

SUN, Sept 12

UCL Bloomsbury Theatre

London, England

Set 1:

Spider Fingers*

Gonna Be Some Changes Made ->

Bach Sonata

Song C ->

Sad Moon



River Runs Low

Way It Is

Set 2:

White Wheeled Limo ->

Long Black Veil ->

White Wheeled Limo

Night On The Town

Fire On The Cross

Show Goes On

Snakehandler Song**

Look Out Any Window

End Of The Innocence ->

Valley Road

e: Swan Song

e2: Ballad of Boo Radley

*Sung for 10 year old Laura. It was her first ever concert. He invited her onstage and let her sit down beside the piano while he sang the tune.

** unsure of title

fun! :)

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Shain, I looked for ya there, but could not find you. Sorry we couldn't hook up again! Back in Geneva now (up at 3:30am to get to Luton airport and catch a 6:30 flight. Christ I'm tired).

Anyhow, tapes (sic) came out nice. I was on the lower level toward the back, centre. Where were you?

I'll post a bit torrent of the show once I get everything put together and whatnot.

Good seeing ya!

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I looked all over for ya too. Guess we were looking in the wrong spot. Glad you're back safely in Geneva bro. keep well!


It was a great show. I think Toronto was a little better, but this show was definitly comprable. Funnier and better setlist of more rarer stuff in London and he seemed to be having a better time, but Toronto was super enjoyable because of the company who were there.

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