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Sadies, Spades, Hip... Unintended.... more Sadies


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I caught the Spades, Sadies, and Hip yesterday at theh Across The Causeway. I skipped the other bands though... not really a big matt good fan.

Anyway, if your a Spades fan this was a great (albeit short) set of music. Gord Sinclair from the Hip played acoustic on a couple tunes. For a full review of this set and the setlist check out my review at thespades.ca on the message board.

I had to leave part way during the sadies show to meet people (always a drag). It was okay, but i prefer seeing the sadies in a smaller venue (i'll get to this later).

The Hip were pretty good. The set up until the encores was pretty much standard for the summer... although Locked int eh Trunk of a Car was a nice treat. The encores were great. Key track: Escape Is At Hand... (2nd encore... wow, one of my favs and i did not expect to hear it at all),. I'm not the Hip fanatic some people are, but going to Hip shows is all about rockin out and havin a couple beers... plus i love all the Canadian flags people bring.

I was pretty burnt by the time the Sadies/Unintended show rolled around. I got there right when the Unintended's Greg Keelor (lead guitar for Blue Rodeo) was in the middle of Mr.Young's Are You Ready For The Country... so i quickly caught a second wind and grabed a 50. Anyway, the Sadies show was super super good. Cant recall the whole set, but there was a good mix of old and new tunes. The new tunes of their new cd Favourite Colours are strong live. Greg Keelor made it back for the encore. Again, really great show. Decent crowd too. Anyway, sorry i can't be more specific... definitely catch teh Sadies on this tour. If there as good as they were last night it will be money well spent.

I have new respect for Elixir now. The sound was really on for the Sadies and I was really enjoying the atmosphere last night. Cheers.

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I read Kingston's Whig Standard report of the concert on the web today. There was 22,000 at the Royal Military College site for the Hip segment. The Sadies played for 20 minutes. Matt Good ( I don't like him either ) had a 40 minute set. The Hip played for 2 hours. Anyway, part of the gate was donated to the Joe Chithalen Memorial Musical Library Foundation ( a musical instrument lending library ) - Joe was a local Kingston bassist and member of The Mahones, Bloom, Joyy, Weeping Tile, Wild Blues Yonder etc...

Kingston has never been the same since his death.

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The venue was actaully pretty nice.... great weather helps too... you could see Old Fort Henry to the left of the stage... really great atmosphere... only (minor minor) complaint would be that the field had dips in it, so sometimes the stage was hard to see, but the sound was decent where i was standing... Most early bands only played for about 20 min... oh yeah, Dan Akroyd (mr. ghostbuster himself) played harmonica on Locked In The Trunk Of A Car, nothing very memorable though... I think Dan should stick to the hoagies and leave the harmonica to the real musicians

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Fantastic show yesterday. All the performers gave it up real good and for all the right reasons. This was my 2nd time this summer for the Hip, bu this was the best. More intense, more animated, more fun. Audience was a class act as well. As was the venue. An all round great day of music for and from K-Town!

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