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Pre & Post Nero Party @ 40 Main


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That's right kiddies, time for another throw down in the yard...We're keeping it chill, bring your own booze all your friends and a smile cause 40 Main has risen again, and its time to celebrate.

We'll have a line up musical entertainment that will rock your collective socks off...Official lineup to be announced at a later date, trust me it will be EPIC.

So come one come all, drinking begins mid afternoon-ish, music will start after 6 or so.....they only condition of attendence is that you cannot get to drunk not to attend Nero that night at Mav's.....Gotta suppot our boys and our bar.

for more information call 236-8673

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i agree.

Anybody remember this from Sesame Street?:

Lower case n (you're not lonely anymore)

Lower case n (you're not lonely like before)

Lower case n, it's the lower case n!

Or something like that. It was an animated thing about a lower case n (go figure) on a hill all lonely and a girl lower case n shows up in a spaceship and they fall in love.

Early 70's Sesame Street was truly twisted sometimes. And fantastic.

What's this thread about again?

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Sunshine!!!!!..........still sorry dudette :: :P

I suggest we all agree to no scorpians ::as tempting as it is once the booze is flowin......how bout I won't scorpian anyone and noone scorpians me and then I won't ACCIDENTLY kick Sunshines ass(still awaiting the Karma police for that one)....except douglass....I may want a rematch with her ::

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We actually tried Jello wrestling last year here at 40 Main. the pool and jell o were bought, the jello was loaded into the pool and left over night to harden, unfortunaty, the pool sprung a leak and by morning the pool was deflated and there was jello juice all over the yard.

But mud wrestling, hell all we need for that is a hose and dream.

Here's the card;

Triple Threat Match

Sunshine vs. Howler vs. "The Dougler" (World Champ)

...I'm putting money on the Champ!!

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Why not a round robin? Ya gotta milk it! Winner gets a huge prize package including (but not necessarily limited to) an official The Tummies nicotine patch signed by most of the group, a years supply of decorative wall calendars, and a like-new novelty soap-on-a-rope.

Can I play the part of Andy Kaufman?

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