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so no NHL season???


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I am unbelievably happy about this... I know I'm the huge minority on this one (possibly the only person I know), but I can't fu©king stand hockey. I hope the strike lasts for years... What's winter without hockey? Being able to talk to people about something other than hockey all winter long, that's what... I mean, there's still OHL, etc. if you're truly a hockey fan, right? It's not like you can't watch a game if you wanted to... It just means my TV won't be highjacked for the next 8 months, watching an unbelievably long season, with players that are FAR TOO overpaid... fu©k hockey! (Begin the bashing...)

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I'm not gonna bash you, just gonna give you a thumbs down...

I love hockey and am sad that they couldn't compromise and get a deal done. I agree with both side's positions too... Sure the players are overpaid by our standards, and of course the owners would like to make more and lose less... Too bad no-one consulted the people who pay the bills for both sides of the issue, the fans...

Gonna have to do something else this winter to amuse myself..


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I prefer basketball anyways...more of a musical game IMO...(some will say there is a very strong parallel with B ball and jazz music) ...especially now that Pistons have proven it's an actual team sport...so happy to see them win in the way they did...no stars just constellations...

Hockey embarasses me...so much cheating and gooning...and the refereeing is abysmal...

go Raptors...trade Vince!!...

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