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Moses Mayes with Comfort Station Monday!!


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what's the story with the show?

IIRC, the story went like this:

  1. Moses Mayes posted their tour dates
  2. said tour dates did not include an Ottawa show
  3. I begged for an Ottawa show
  4. Moses Mayes asked if anyone knew of a place they could play on one of a couple of "hole" dates in the tour
  5. I suggested (among others) Cafe Dekcuf
  6. they lined up Sept. 20, but needed a local opening band
  7. Comfort Station was suggested as a possible opener
  8. Comfort Station got the gig

I'm planning on being there, both to see Moses Mayes (the downloads from their website blew me away, and I missed their last Ottawa-ish show at the Black Sheep Inn), and because I consider it very bad form to beg for a gig, play a (small) part in making it happen, and then miss it.



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