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NEIL YOUNG et al "Clean Air Show" - Sep. 17, 2004


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[color:"brown"] NEIL YOUNG w/ Randy Bachman, Tal Bachman, and Barenaked Ladies

So, I'm a little slow at posting this, but in my defence I have been moving apartments ever since Sept. 18. (I'm still in the process.)

Anyway, I was at this amazing show.

It was a benefit for the Crofton Airshed Citizens Group and the Unbleached Foundation . These groups were fighting against a local paper mill on Vancouver Island that wants to start burning railway ties and old tires to save costs, regardless of the environmental impact. Randy Bachman lives on Saltspring Island, and he heard about this. He then spearheaded this show.

The show was in a hockey arena. Now that's Canadian! 2,500 tickets. There was a big video screen, but for some reason Neil wasn't shown on it. (Probably his choice.) Everyone else appeared on it, but it didn't really matter much because the place was so small. The acoustics, unfortunately, sucked.

The show went like this:

1. Tal Bachman

2. David Suzuki (speaking of course)

3. Michael Ableman (local enviromentalist also speaking)

4. Randy Bachman

5. Neil Young

6. Barenaked Ladies

(I am presuming that Neil had to leave early b/c of Farm Aid the next day. He wasn't there to jam with everybody for the encore, and it explains why he didn't play last.)

TAL BACHMAN was surprisingly mildly entertaining. He ended his set with that "High Above Me" radio song. I didn't recognize anything else (and I apologize to any serious Tal Bachman fans among you.)

RANDY BACHMAN was the surprise of the evening. Like any good Canadian I have, of course, seen the Guess Who live, and even saw Randy Bachman play some Neil Young at the Governor General's awards a while back, but I was really surprised at how awesome his set was! He had a great stage presence, told hilarious stories, and brought along a guy from Victoria that just happens to sound a helluva lot like Burton Cummings.

Set List:

Prairie Town

No Sugar Tonight

No Sugar Tonight w/ New Mother Nature

Let It Ride

She's Come Undone

These Eyes

Looking Out for Number One (I think that's the name)

No Time Left For You

Takin' Care of Business

NEIL, of course, was mindblowing. He never ceases to amaze me. He was without a band and did most of his set as a duet with his wife Pegi. Pulled out some incredible songs too:


Harvest Moon

Journey Through the Past

Cowgirl In the Sand

Don't Let It Bring You Down


Human Highway*

Goin' Back*

Old King*

Four Strong Winds* (John Denver tune)

E: Field of Opportunity*

E: Comes a Time*

* w/ Pegi Young

So, after Neil, the BARENAKED LADIES played. It was kinda weird, because you were left in this post-Neil-state, and then you had this light, silly music. It was mildly amusing, though, and I will do my best to give you the set list, although I really don't know their music too well, (after that cassette they self-released in the '90s with the same songs on boths sides) so I'm making up some of these song titles according to lyrics...

Roadrunner Theme

It's All Been Done Before

You Can Be My Yoko Ono -> "Neil Young Rules" (chant) -> Tonight's the Night (jam) -> You Can Be My Yoko Ono (reprise)

Blame It On Me

Bye Bye Self-Respect

"Crosby Stills Nash and Young" (those were the lyrics) (to tunes of "Jack and Diane" and "Deck the Halls")

I'm the Farmer

Oh Oh

Have You Seen My Love

Nothing Left That Won't Cross Over

For Every (I can't read the rest of my handwriting)

Since You Looked At Me

One Week Since You Looked At Me

(spaced out and entirely missed 2 songs)

Lovers In a Dangerous Time (Bruce Cockburn)

Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet*

* w/ Randy Bachman

Awesome evening in Duncan, BC!


So, I also want to say that I have about a dozen or so extra programs from the show. Velvet has already claimed one, but if anyone else wants one please private message me and I will mail one out. (First come first served.)

(Oh ya, one more thing. My girlfriend is thinking of sending me to psychoanalytic counselling to deal with my obsessive-compulsive tendency of writing down every song during concerts...)

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woweeee i wish i was there. do you know who the singer from victoria was? was it at the arena with the great big hockey stick? wowee again. seeing neil in duncan. seeing neil. bliss.

PS i don't know if anyone before has ever said "Awesome evening in Duncan, BC!" so way to go!

okay i think that will be my last post of the night. it's been a little out of hand today.

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very cool, awesome show... sounds like good times

though neil opening for the bare naked ladies makes me feel like I have oversized earthworms crawling around in my belly... soon as neil was done I would've been literally running away with my fingers in my ears to some beer somewhere trying not to hear any of BNL's music at all... hope they were good, but all that says to me is "buzzkill"

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Great read,thanks.

I love the setlist Neil played,almost the same like the show in California (2004/09/15),which is amazing.I hope he brings this show east eventually,if I were to hear a Journey through the Past,HUman Highway or Come a Time,I would lose it,emotionally and mentally.

Can't wait for this one to hit bit torrent.


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I actually FINALLY picked up a copy of my favourite Neil album. The reason I mention it is that it used to be really hard to get, and was not released on CD until last year. The album is "On the Beach". Awesome. (Ambulance Blues, Vampire Blues, On the Beach...) If you don't have it, you should.

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On the Beach is such a great album.I have it on vinyl and a couple years back I copied it to CDR,strangely I didn't even know or forgot that it had been released on CD.I know what else I can grab this weekend while in Toronto.

For the Turnstiles,Ambulance Blues. emthup.gif

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I just kept phoning the Cowichan Centre, my friend. I was actually away in Toronto at the time, and just kept a cell phone handy. I started phoning at the moment tix went on sale and just kept hitting redial while I went on with my day.

I still have a few programs from the show left, if anyone wants one. Some have already been claimed and mailed out, so goin' fast....

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i may be wrong but isn't four strong winds an ian tyson song and not john denver?

You're not wrong Chewie, "Four Strong Winds" is a Ian Tyson song that was recorded originally by Ian & Sylvia. Neil Young recorded the song which ended up as the last song on Neil's classic 1978 album "Comes A Time."

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Alright, I did some online searching, and I am now more confused. According to http://www.lyricsfreak.com/j/john-denver/73483.html the song is by John Denver; however, according to http://dag.wieers.com/personal/lyrics/Four_Strong_Winds.php it was Ian Tyson. I have no doubt that my esteemed friends above are correct and that it is Ian Tyson, but did John Denver later release it?

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