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Burt Neilson Intimate and Interactive SeriesOct 29


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It occurred to me the other week (as I sat pondering new ways to explore the music of Burt Neilson, that we have never really done a layed back show, that was more acoustic in Nature. So When I stumbled upon the Boathouse in KItchener, I thought "this is the perfect place"...I imagined candles and really a fancy drinks(and some beer)...accompanied by good music at a pleasent listening level. SO on October 29th at the Boathouse Burt Neilson will present the first is a series of Intimate performances. The Series is brought to you by School House Productions...and will continue on into the winter, at varied locations that we find interesting to play.

The Boathouse lays perfecting on the water side of Victoria Park, and has amazing acoustics...it is actually the building that I rememner lacing up my skates in as a youngster. Please come out and support the Boathouse...and enjoy both the Ambience and the Music. For more Information please visit www.burtneilson.com. Thank You for Your Time in reading this message....MIke Filipowitsch

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Hey Bouche...we could possibly arrange for one in Ottawa...shoot me an email mike @burtneilson.com...the idea is to pick really unique spots with great ambience...you know the kind of place that looks great lit buy candles...and exudes a relaxing atmosphere....this winter I plan to do one in the country side...at a great location I have found...make it an invitation kind of thing with a buffet dinner...we should organize it through the sanctuary....a holiday party if you will....the place will also have accomadations for those who travel to the event....I think it will be fun!

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