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**BNB Tonight (10/16) at Call the Office!!


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scott and scottie together again... 2 in a row?? unheard of!

king, if you check back before tonite, if you and brahm and whoever else want to come by my place before hand, feel free, its only a hop and a skip out my back door to CTO...

and sh!t, what did i say i was gonna burn for you, scottie? im blankin' right now... i got the torrent from last nite goin and it should be done before showtime, so i can hook us all up with souvenirs, too. ::

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And you, princess. Man, I was digging the Burties! The new stuff sounded great and I felt the jamming was some of the most patient and subtle groove conscience I've heard from the boys yet. Don't worry, Mike, broken string certainly didn't overshadow a great show, just another Saturday Night, right.

Thanks to Guigsy for the after-hangout, hope to see everyone back in L-town soon.

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i gotta agree with the sentiments of mr. king. the jamming and transitioning between songs were super smooth and just awesome... everytime i see these guys i mention it to someone, and i'll say it again, jer on the bass is just solid as a rock the way he holds it down for the boys.. kind of the unsung hero in a lot of ways, for me at least.

glad everyone had a good time, and it was fun to hang out afterwards back here... ya'll are welcome anytime.

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