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C3PO's Cereal revisited.


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There's surprisingly limited information on C-3P0's out there, or so says a five second Google search, so I might as we'll go full monty. Shown above is one of the box's side panels -- its intent is to make you look at C-3P0's and see destiny in wait. The "New Force at Breakfast" outsmarted other, lesser cereals with its patented "double crunch" technology, a modification that provides you twice as many crunches with C-3P0's than any foreseeable contender. Symbolic of the advanced technical achievements seen in the films, "double crunching" is more powerful than any cinnamon sprinkle.

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GIVEAWAYS: C-3P0's Cereal came armed with enough free sh!t to entice even the most skeptical-of-droid consumers. One of the better premiums was a plastic rocket toy that could be assembled and shot up to the heavens, but more desirable were sets of four die-cast "micro figures" -- leftover stock from Kenner's somewhat misfired attempt to branch out the toyline with a tiny-sized series. There were other freebies too, though nothing as interesting as dildo rockets or lead-dipped micro figures. One was a set of stickers/trading cards, while the final prize was what's shown above: cardboard cutout masks on the boxbacks. I'm not going to slice up my box, sorry, but if you'd like to BE Luke Skywalker, Click here for a full-sized scan of the madness that you can print out, cut out, rock out and rock on with. There were other characters available, six in total.

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