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Jon and Victoria out! Mary Roach in!


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I'm a huge fan of the Amazing Race and I'm so glad that Jon and Victoria are gone. I love the show but I hate those insane couples. I want them to bring back Kevin & Drew and those two over the top latino gay guys.. that's good TV

I've been searching high and lo for a vid of Mary Roach's performance last night.. it'll be up eventually.. if anyone can find it they should post it here

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Damn all you hataz, Jon was the bomb! I don't understand how anyone could hate he and Victoria more than Kendra and Freddy. They are so the most contemptuous couple ever on AR. C'mon, didn't y'all see Jonathon leading the Ethopian kids in a solidarity march? It brought a tear to my eye.

As for Idol... I'm pretty sure Mary was an act. She even broke character and laughed at herself towards the end.

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YES!!! jon & victoria gone?! niiiiiiice!!!! i haven't seen amazing race in weeks. i would have loved to see the looks on their faces when they found out they were out! hopefully jon didn't knock the sh!t out of her for it.

awww, i caught about 1 minute of american idol last night, but i totally missed this lovely lady. could she be the next william hung?! oh, i do hope someone finds the video...

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Yeah, i saw that little smile on her way out too, Ollie. But hell, that performance definitley had some crazy in there. and she may have been happy that there was soo much post-audition interest too. The camera did catch her warming up!

She's definitely eccentric but I'm way too cynical to believe that 99.9% of the bad singers don't know exactly what they're doing. I thought the only honest bad singer of the night was 5.9%. And he only found out he could sing two weeks ago!

P.S. Trevor, you sooooo watched the Rebel Billionaire finale!! ::

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