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the real reason why bonnaroo is great.

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being from canada and all.....

i only get to experience this once a year....and that is crossing over into WAFFLE HOUSE COUNTRY.

by far the greatest breakfast stop i've ever expereinced

and they are everywhere...so you always know you can stop for a good breakfast with sketchy truckers.

good times... i highly recommend it.

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Any of you guys ever stop into the Huddle House on your way through? I think it was in Kentucky that I ate there at like 2am. Not great food, but Theresa, our waitress, totally rocked. She called me "Baby girl" in her cute southern accent the whole time we were there. So funny!

One thing I noticed when I'd getting chatting up our waiter/waitress was that almost all of them had kids in "the Gulf". It was really unsettling.

Another great thing about crossing into that neck of the woods are the huge billboards for fireworks like every mile or two. They really like to blow shit up down there. :P

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waffle house are you kiddin me??

where's schwa? backbacon? karin? there is a *lovely* story about a waffle house in ohio that we hit up around 4am on the way to hookahville in spring '02... sweet jesus. i think it got dubbed 'awful house' after that episode.

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