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Daniel Lanois at Bluesfest


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WOW!!! Who else saw his set? I missed the first few tunes but was riveted for the remainder. I couldn't even leave early to go see BSS. I was not expecting that. What a killer guitar player and musician. I think that was the best show I've ever seen at Bluesfest.

Highlight for me was this very heavy Crimson-esque jam with just Lanois and his drummer. I didn't know he had it in him!!

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He's a top notch performer. He puts his heart out when he's onstage and I especially like how well his sound crew showcases his tone and voice - you forget that there are still people out there trying to give you an equal helping of all the musical elements onstage.

In contrast I suspect - I'm volunteering backstage for Simple Plan tonight.

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oh really? no Brian blade?? shitty....still, I can't imagine Daniel's show being anything less than stellar...were there tapers? anyone on here tape it? I know Blane said he didn't but I'm hoping maybe Bradm did...It's really hard to find quality recording of recent shows of his...I'd be forever thankful if someone could steer me onto a few from the last couple of years...

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