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Bill O'Reilly on Letterman


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I find that hard to believe. Have you ever heard an uneducated, brainwashed us soldier speak?


i think probably about 0% of them are uneducated, and i hardly think brainwashed is an appropriate term.

when's the last time you did basic training? or jumped out of a plane? or had a super stressful job that might just get you killed for reasons you don't believe in? halfway around the world? away from loved ones? and last i heard they weren't conscripted.


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I think the people in the thick of it aren't necessarily reluctant to understand brainwashing - such as it is - as necessary (Gwynne Dyer had a great NFB series on the military that looked at just that point).

I hesitate myself to use the term "brainwashing" because most serious research into cults debunks the concept as it's commonly thrown around. People have more agency than that, even if it's to deliberately surrender own agency, which typically takes a lot of sustained effort.

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