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Renegades - I think that is it


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Man...those are the days I miss...the worst team in the CFL...One day at a meet the players thing, a buddy of mine wanted a picture taken with Kulka, he went up and asked, Kulka tackled him to the ground, put him in a headlock, snap, I took the picture, I wonder if he's still got that...

going to the games used to be so much fun!!!

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I dunno... he almost looks as sleazy as Lonie Glieberman. I need to see/hear him being interviewed.

The town-hall was actually decent and not the embarrassment I expected. John Jenkins big plan was to hold a... TICKET DRIVE! I still can't get over how much he looks and acts like Ric Flair. I really hope he gets to be coach. Whooooo!!

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