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Hot new JamBand Arcade Fire tickets sold out this morning


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Tickets for the Arcade Fire's 5 show run at the Ukrainian Federation in Montreal February 6-10 go on sale tomorrow morning from Admission.com or by phone at 1-800-361-4595. Tickets are $25 and there's a two-ticket maximum.

Toronto dates are expected to be announced later in the week.

5 London (UK) shows went on sale last week and sold out in 2 minutes.

Come see some heady jams from the wookiest of wooks.


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And I just found out the Montreal Slip show this Saturday is cancelled.

Which one do you mean? The show at Main Hall was cancelled, but Club Lambi lists The Slip, Land Of Talk, and Kill The Lights for this Saturday (with nobody else confirming the gig yet, so I'd say it's iffy, but you might try calling the club).

(And if you want some Slip, feel free to come to Ottawa on Friday. :) )



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