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Also wondering about a book


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well its a kids book from what i read - the kids parents get kidnapped and they discover they are from a long line of monster hunters. so they quest to get them back - I like that kinda kids book if it's well done if you know what i mean. but i definitely do know what you mean too jaimoe - i was hoping somebody up here might have heard of or read it

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if you're looking for a good kids book, i'd suggest the artemis fowl series by Eoin Colfer....i'd also say that for 10-12+ this series by philip pullman The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber spyglass isn't too much for them to grasp, but i don't know....i thoroughly enjoy it...but the main characters are 12, 13 year old kids, so i'd imagine that age could handle reading what they do. it's a really great series.

I think movie deals are in the works for both.

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I think you said that last year too Ms Hux - haha! I should be home most of the day on 25 but then going home to moms - but should be home all day on the 26th i imagine. Would love to see you.

Might actually move back home in a year or so - will let you know if that happens.

Thanks for the tip Alexis, I'll check it out.

Merry Xmas you guys!

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