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SIMPLY SAUCER REUNION -- at Casbah (Hamilton)


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This is an exclusive Hamilton only event!



8PM Drs, 9PM Show


306 King St W, Hamilton


Before "Indie-rock" , "alternative" , "new wave" or "punk" was..Simply Saucer IS..

I really didn't think this was ever going to happen but it's true...After a 27-year absence, Simply Saucer returns to the live stage on Dec. 28th for a full-length concert presentation at the Casbah , corner of King & Queen Street in downtown Hamilton.


Quite simply, the Saucer was and is, the original "new music" "proto-punk" - or whatever equally stoopid term you can think of - rock combo that was taking their musical queues from "Kraut"-rock (e.g. Can , Faust, Neu, etc),The Stooges and The Velvet Underground before any of that stuff was common currency. The only groups we can think of who were even remotely in the same head space were the early NYC bands (Television, etc) or the early Cleveland groups (Rocket From The Tombs, Mirrors) .

Starting in 1973, the group careened through six years of musical mayhem before finally imploding in 1979. Over the years, the group's reputation spread, first with the ltd (920 copies) 1989 vinyl LP release of Cyborgs Revisited, and subsequently, withy the CD reissues of same in 1991 and -most recently - on Sonic Unyon in 2003. These recordings have earned critical kudos world wide from such redoubtable publications as Spin, The New Music Express, Mojo, Uncut and The Sunday London Times.

After a completely unplanned, out-of-the blue reunion gig on September 17th at the once-legendary Corktown Tavern (with '78-79 guitarist -and former member of Teenage Head Steve"Sparky" Park), left everyone concerned feelin' groovy about playing Saucer songs, it was felt a revamped, no-nostalgia version of the group could be assembled. (Sparky couldn't commit to this version, but he has given his blessing to the "Mach V" version of Saucer).

Original singer, guitarist , and chief songwriter Edgar Breau along with original bassist The Legendary Kevin Christoff, will take the stage with their former manager (for one, brief disastrous 1979 gig In Guelph..ask him about it!) and drummer for the Forgotten Rebels, Joe Csontos. Also updating the line-up will include the additions of guitarist Mike Daley and keyboardist Daniel Winterman.

And we are extremely stoked about our newest generation of Saucer members - watch for further bulletins for more info (e.g. gear used , previous experience, favourite colours, what constitutes a great date, that kind of thing..). We like to think that this edition of the Saucer will integrate both the Ping Romany era electronics AND the dual guitar attack of the Sparky era

There are tentative plans to record the new Saucer line-up , either the live shows, or some "unfinished business" (like, about 50-60 songs worth)

They also plan to perform in all of the "Original Six" NHL hockey cities (Toronto, Montreal, Detroit, Chicago, Boston and New York) in 2007.

Edgar, by the way, will continue to pursue his solo career - he's putting the finishing touches to Patches Of Blue, his second solo CD even as I write this - but all rock/band format will be forwarded to the Saucer desk, while all solo/singer- songwriter material will be forwarded to the solo tray. To give you an example: "Simcoe County Country Girl" an acoustic country-blues number that dates from Cyborgs era Saucer (1975) is appearing on Patches Of Blue, while "Nice Noise", an unreleased stomper from 1977 is clearly marked for the band tray.

Also featured on the bill is the one-man electro-rock (pardon my PUN...) sensation of

Electroluminescent ( http://www.myspace. com/electroluminescent )

Tickets are $15 in advance and can be purchased RIGHT NOW at at these stores:

- DR.DISC - 22 Wilson. 905.523.1010 (ALL shows)

- SONIC UNYON - 26 Wilson 905.777.1223. (ALL shows)

- CASBAH LOUNGE - 306 King St W @ Queen 905.521.4441 (ALL shows less Sellout Enterprises shows)

PLUS :: Hamilton East-Enders Take Note, -- CRASH LANDING PUNK CLOTHING - 297 Ottawa St N -- 905-548-0039

ATTENTION OUT OF TOWNERS...we know a lot of you Cyborg-kids will want to attend this, so we're selling ticks ON-LINE via TIXIT.CA

For more info, view Ed's websites

http://www.myspace. com/edgarbreau

(thee official Saucer site..)

or www.edgarbreau. com

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To celebrate the upcoming SIMPLY SAUCER reunion show at the Casbah on December 28th, we have uploaded some rare footage of the band online for your viewing pleasure .

In 2003, CBC NEWSWORLD did a feature on the Cyborgs reissue on its >Play program. The segment can be viewed at


A music video for the Cyborgs album track "Bullet Proof Nothing" was compiled by Halifax film director Colin MacKenzie later that same year. Taken from super-8 footage of the band shot by Paul Breau, brother of Saucer guitarist Edgar Breau, the video can be viewed at

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Simply Saucer Reunite for December Show

Canadian proto-punks Simply Saucer will play their first show together in over 27 years on December 28. The show will take place at the Casbah in the band's hometown of Hamilton, Ontario.

In commemoration of the event, Sonic Unyon-- the label responsible for reissuing Simply Saucer's only album, Cyborgs Revisited-- has uploaded two videos to YouTube. The first is a music video for Cyborgs Revisited track "Bullet Proof Nothing", taken from band footage shot by Paul Breau (guitarist Edgar Breau's bro) and compiled by Halifax director Colin MacKenzie. The second is a 2003 feature on the band from the CBC Newsworld show "Play".

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still sick sick sick

but really want to go go go

Is it a cold kind of thing?

I remember one night in the summer of 1956 at the Cafe Bohemia. I was in the throes of the hay fever miseries and nothing was helping very much. My nasal passages were completely sealed and I was gasping for breath. Along came Miles & Co. You may not know it but when you become stimulated and your adrenal glands go to work, it acts as a wonderful nasal decongestant. Well, after one set I was breathing freely. After two, I had forgotten that I ever had hay fever.



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Is it a cold kind of thing?



uggh yup... stopped drinkin mid-birthday bender and it snuck right up on me... ordinarily, no terrestrial virus would have any hope of surviving even a moment in my system during my birthday rip... made the mistake of trying to take it easy on myself with a night in front of the tv... like lowering the draw bridge for the pesky vermin

will try summoning Miles, cheers

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