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should the jays go for randy?

afro poppa

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true, but what about when you consider our other alternatives:

1) sticking with what we've got

2) trading rios (or equilavent) and mcgowan (or equilavent) for a dan haren (or equivalent)

I can't imagine it taking that kind of package to get randy...still your right, hes skills have definately diminished

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Last year they won a ton of games even with Burnett and Halliday out from time to time. With both of them healthy and Chacin being healthy theyll have a solid first three guys. The next 2 are toss ups and might suck, but by no means will be as bad as Towers was. I would really love to see them ink a sloid reliever or two, but to go after Johnson seems rather silly. Then again, he'd be a great, extremely overpaid fourth starter.

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